Welcome to the Premier of Fox Sports 1! I finally got the news that It will be available to me,  So I get to see it. Some people have tickets to it like my co-host Roni here.



Onto the picks!

Light Heavyweight
Cody Donovan vs. Ovince St. Preux

Roni : OSP will be a ver hard test for Donovan.
But I think he can beat OSP with his BJJ.
Cody Donovan wins via Submission.

David: Cody, KO 2.

Ramsey Nijem vs. James Vick
Roni : I like Njem on this fight. he should be a great test for James Vick, but I bet on his experience to come out with the win.
Ramsey Nijem wins via Decision.

David: I like Vick, for no good reason.

Uriah Hall vs. John Howard
Roni : Uriah Hall was supposed to fight Nick Ring. Ring was pulled out and replaced by Josh Samman. he was also pulled and now we have John Howard. Howard is back in the UFC after goin 6-1 in CES.
I feel that he got a tough welcome. Hall should be poised to erase the bad impression left after his terrible showing at the TUF finale. he better.
Hall has all the makings of an elite fighter. But he needs to show it in the cage, where it counts.
Uriah Hall wins via (T)KO

David: Hall has all the tools, and hopefully he has some better coaching this time around, Howard is no slouch, but Uriah has to pull this one out in a fight that might be more boring than you think.

Joe Lauzon vs. Michael Johnson
Roni : Michael Johnson is coming to this fight with two losses. So I expect him to be extra-motivated (and fighting for his job IS a real motivation). Now Lauzon is also coming of a loss. But it was a FotN loss, and he is a fighter who’s always exciting; and as such, his job is very much secured even with a loss.
But he is fighting at home, and I see no way for Johnson to pull out a win.
Joe Lauzon wins via Sub.

David: Joe is better on his back than MJ is on his feet. No Bonus money for Joe, since MJ isn’t that good.

Roni : Brad Pickett vs. Michael McDonald
this fight is has pickett all over it.
And it should be a great fight.
Brad Pickett wins via Submission.

David: I’m a huge Brad Pickett Fan, McDonald could make this very boring on the ground, but I’m taking Drew

Conor McGregor vs. Max Holloway
Roni : Holloway has two losses. One via Submission, and once via Decision.
McGregor will probably complete the trio with a KO.
Conor McGregor wins via (T)KO

David: Connor is being built as the next big thing. And he’s for REAL.

Mike Brown vs. Steven Siler
Roni : Since Brown lost to Aldo, he’s been more up & down than a kangaroo in mating season.
But I like Brown and as such, he’s to hoping he’s back in form.
Brown wins via Submission.

David: If you gamble on Brown, you have a problem, not as much as Siler will, but I have NO confidence in him.

Diego Brandao vs. Daniel Pineda
Roni : Nice fight to open the Prelims.
I foresee a nice opening that will take KOotN

Brandao. wins via KO

David: I think Deigo wins this one fairly easily.
Manvel Gamburyan vs. Cole Miller
Roni : The big question on this fight is why this is on FB prelims???
In any event, this should be a great fight.
I have Miller winning via Sub

David: I’ve not been impressed with Manvel since TUF . . . . . .V. I am a huge fan of Cole Miller, who can go on a run if he gets his game together.

Urijah Faber vs. Yuri Alcantara
Roni : I love Yuri’s game. But I fear that Faber is too much for him and will show why he is the perennial #1 contender.
Faber wins via UD.

David: This fight is Fabers to lose, and since it’s not a title fight, he won’t.

Matt Brown vs. Mike Pyle
Roni : While I was poised to see Thiago Alves, Mike Pyle is not a step down for Brown.
Quite the opposite. Mike is on a tear, and i expect it to continue.
Mike Pyle wins via (T)KO

David: The other white Brown on the card, but I have to disagree, I like Matt Brown here to stop the surge.

Alistair Overeem vs. Travis Browne
Roni : I am excited to see this fight.
2 guys who are killers in the cage.
This fight has “don’t blink” written all over it, and I am sure there’s absolutely no danger of any discussions about bad judges calls for this fight. I will be amazed if it goes beyond the 1st round.
I like Browne. And I think he can win if he tags AO. but unfortunately, his style plays right into AO’s game; and I see AO utilizing his Uber-knees and unless Browne can remain calm and capitalize when AO tries to close on him, he will not be awake to see the end of the fight.
AO wins via a monstuous KO.

David: I think Travis Browne has one chance, to drag the fight out and get into the horseman’s gas tank, and wait for those hands to drop and that head to stop moving. Can he pull it off? Sure, Will he? No. Second round KO.

Light HeavyweightSonnen Rua
Mauricio Rua vs. Chael Sonnen
Roni :  This is a fun fight to talk about.
I heard absolutely every possible outcome as a sure outcome.
Some say Rua has no chance against Sonnen.
others claim Sonnen will be obliterated in the octagon.
Gas tank is the major discrepancy point.
Sonnen has unlimited. Rua has been criticized for the lack of it.
But reports from Rua’s camp noted that Rua took this to heart and improved immensely his cardio.
The big question is: can Rua stop Sonnen’s takedowns? I think he can. Maybe not all the time, but hopefully within the first two rounds. And then he will secure Sonnen’s third straight loss; and probably talk his way in a fight against Wanderlei… which is the fight we all wanted to see since “the van” incident!
Rua wins via (T)ko

David: Here is my problem. Sonnen can’t finish. I’m not sure Rua can find Sonnen’s chin. I have to think that this matchup is here to either force Sonnen into retirement or keep him relevant. I think this is a serious toss-up. If we get the best of both fighters, then Sonnen has no chance, if we get both at half-ass, Sonnen wins. Sonnen has a hard time with counter punchers, Rua has a problem with gas. I’m taking Sonnen, but just because there is almost a 50/50 chance we get cruddy Rua.
Sonnen via 1st round TKO- Kidding DES

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