The Blog About Nothing 8/16 Edition

What up world? Once again it’s me EJ back with another edition of The Blog About Nothing. It’s the middle of August which means pre-season football, the baseball season coming to an end, and if you’re a soccer fan (like myself) the domestic leagues are about to kick off. However, I will not be talking about any of that this week. I’m just going to get my Dame Dash on and talk my shit.Kiss Football

Football is returning to Los Angeles! Wait, don’t get all excited. It’s Arena Football, and not the National Football League. Indoor football is returning to Los Angeles! It’s return is brought to you by the members of Kiss. Yes, the iconic band, the men of crazy ass black, white, and silver facepaint, is bringing football back to L.A. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are bringing the L.A. Kiss to the Honda Center in Anaheim. Is it just me or is naming a football team the Kiss extremely suspect? I mean, as a grown ass man is it exceptable to say “yeah, I play football for the Kiss?” I can’t rock with the name. I just can’t. I guess it’s cool for fans to be “I’m a Kiss fan” but If I was a player I would question that name. The L.A. Kiss? I can’t.

Speaking of Los Angeles, I’ve devoted a few paragraphs in this blog series to the Buss family who own the Los Angeles Lakers, and once again I have beef with Jimmy Buss. I just don’t get that dude. This week in the Hollywood Reporter, Jimmy uttered that Dwight Howard was never a Laker, and that he was just passing through. That might be true now that Dwight is an ex-Laker, but the whole thing sounds like sour grapes from old Jimmy. About a year ago when Dwight was acquired via trade Jimmy made all these statements about how Dwight will be the next great Laker big man, and how he will be the future of the franchise, and then he put up all these stupid ass billboards urging him to stay (instead of talking to him man to man in a room like a real person would have!!) and now you’re catching feelings that he left? Nah, Jimmy. You playing yourself. Just walk away, let Jeannie handle business and lets see the Lakers rise back to the top. You can’t handle it Jimmy. You can’t.Patrick Patterson

Arizona Cardinals general manager Steve Keim is not doing his team’s 2nd best player Patrick Peterson (Larry Fitzgerald has that #1 spot on lock!) no favors by declaring that Peterson is the closest thing in the NFL to former two sport stars Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders. I’m sorry. I’m sure Peterson is a phenomenal athlete but the things Bo and Deion have done on the field are just legendary. Peterson is a great player, no doubt, but there really is no need to cast such a target on him. The hyperbole associated with such comments are just not necessary. New Cardinals coach Bruce Arians is talking about playing Peterson on offense. This is something I want to see. If Peterson can have some impact, in what would be a limited offensive role, as he does being a shutdown corner and an impact returner then I might be eating these words in a few weeks. Until then . . . shut up Steve. Sit down, shut up, and stop putting a bullseye on your guy.

Speaking of Arizona Cardinals hype can we stop talking about Tyrann Mathieu! Yes, the Honey Badger don’t take no shit, but this Honey Badger is an NFL rookie who hasn’t even played his 1st game yet. Chill. Fall back. Let him earn the praise. I’m channel surfing and I catch one of ESPN’s 8 million football programs and all they were talking about is how good the guy is. Excuse me? Yes he made some plays at LSU, but often I saw a small corner that got beaten. A lot. Dial it back fellas. Dial it back.

Finally, I have said numerous times that I’m not much of a baseball guy but Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon is one cool dude. Joe isn’t a young man, but it’s clear that he’s a fun loving manager that knows how to relate to his young and talented team. Case in point Joe brought a 20 foot python into the clubhouse this week to motivate his players. You see it’s the Year of the Snake on the Chinese calendar and Joe thought that bringing in the python and have several players hold it would bring the team good luck and motivate them. Now, I’m not sure holding something that could crush me, kill me, and try to swallow me whole is a motivational tactic but I sure as heck love the attempt. I’m going to keep an eye on those Rays just to see how Tampa finishes and what Joe does next.Joe Maddon

As I said in the intro it’s mid-August and it seems like everything is just slow out there. So, that’s it. I’m out of here. If anyone actually reads this, drop me a line in the comment section, and do yourself a favor and go back and read my past weeks blogs. I need the eyeballs. Thanks for reading. Hopefully next week, I’ll have some content. Peace.

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