Bellator PPV updated with new Lightweight Fight!

Bellator has come to terms with Eddie Alvarez and he will co-headline Bellator PPV 1

Early reports is that it IS a title fight, meaning 2 things.Bellator PPV

1. Bjorn made a right choice for once and
2. Title shots are now GIVEN in Bellator.

Or of course, Eddie is going to win a tournament quickly. I’m sure the cakewalk that King Mo was given can be used, maybe even with the same guys.

Rampage vs Tito, is still the Headliner and casual fan grabber, but now at least there is a fight on here that fans might want to see, and can spend the 15 minutes of Rampage/Tito talking about on the forums.

I do wonder if giving out a title shot is a good thing, I have always thought that the best thing for Bellator would be #1 contender, tourney winner, #1 contender, etc – So I have no problem with the title fight.

But what else do they put on the card? You can’t really have King Mo on the card, he’s needed for ratings on Spike, unless they give him a fight against the guy he got KO’ed against. There just isn’t a ton out there to go with, unless you burn a months worth of Spike Main Events.


How about Joe Warren vs Joe Riggs?


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