A-Rod1. Do you agree with the commissioner’s handling of the A-Rod suspension?

ARCHIE: No, I do not agree with the handling of A-Rod. I feel the commissioner should have invoked his right to exercise, “in the best interest of baseball” suspension. That way A-Roid would not have been able to don the pinstripes and draw a paycheck until after all suspensions were met.

STEPHAN: This depends on what this question means. Do I agree with a year long suspension? Yes I do, Do I think he should not have the opportunity to play this season while the appeals process is being sought out? Then no, I think A-Rod should have to sit out and wait for the appeals to end. He needs to man up and admit wrong doing. When Pete Rose is telling you you are wrong, there is something seriously wrong with that picture.  

2.  As of today, 13 August 2013, there are 176 players on the DL, restricted or otherwise. What single factor do you contribute to so many injuries in MLB?

ARCHIE: It seems like every hang nail and blister puts guys on the DL. I am not saying they are not as tough as the players of yore, but I do think that the level of talent between the average player and his replacement is so close that many managers can readily put a key player on the DL and let them heal in lieu of pushing them to play non-crucial stretches throughout the long season. The key season ending surgeries to me however remain a mystery.

STEPHAN: Investments! What I mean is, baseball clubs are more prone to putting a player on the DL to protect their investment in the player. It’s not back in the old days where players would play with a sprained ankle, or in some cases, broken bones. Now you are on the DL for something as minor as a blister on your non throwing hand. Players are being coddled too much in today’s game.


3. What do you consider good numbers for a Designated Hitter and how many currently fit those numbers?

ARCHIE:  To be honest, I feel to be a truly decent DH a player should be able to manage the following,

BA: 270+, HRs 20+, RBIs 80+ and OPS of .850+.

Anything less than this most teams can just substitute whatever position player that needs a half day of rest into the line up and be okay; kind of like half of the AL does now.

STEPHAN: I think if you are a DH, you should be hitting at least .300 with 20+ Home Runs, and over 100 RBI. Your job is purely offensive and does not require defense whatsoever. I think David Ortiz is the only player currently that fits this category.

 Rickey Henderson

4. What is the #1 reason for the decline in Stolen Bases within MLB?

ARCHIE: Simple; speed has been replaced with power. The development and acceptance that most teams are content to sit back and wait for the two or three run bomb outweighs the risk of trying to steal a base. Most managers do not have that super speedster anyway so they try to get them on and then swing for the fences. Rickey can rest easy with his record.

STEPHAN: Managers are not as willing to pull the trigger and have their players steal bases often. I think this attributes to catchers being more productive and being able to cut down runners trying to steal a base. Ultimately, I think managers are being more conservative with base runners.










McGwire5. Do you think that the BBWAA did justice to this year’s class of candidates for the Hall of Fame?

ARCHIE: Absolutely NOT! I think they are a punk ass group that is so full of hypocrisy it reeks. This is the same bunch that sold the stories like super hero comic books when McGuire, Sosa and Bonds were painting the cheap seats with moon shots. And now, they turned their backs on them and call them cheaters; most without any evidence at all; just speculation. My problem with all the PED stuff is that IF you go look at the record books NONE of them have asterisks or any other indicator to say, “Hey, this was the roid era” so how in the hell are my great grandkids going to look at the game when they see Bond’s numbers and yet no proven evidence of using; No admittance; No ban from Baseball but yet no entry into the Hall? I visited Cooperstown when I was stationed in Fort Drum, NY. I will never return until MLB gets this fixed.

STEPHAN: Almost. I like the fact that they left out the “roiders” and they really did not come close. However, the biggest insult to injury to these players would have been to let in a guy like Biggio who played his heart out every day and had productive numbers by doing it the right way. That would have been justice.



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