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What up world? Once again, it’s your boy EJ back with another edition of The Blog About Nothing. It’s a rainy day here in New York City but I won’t let that spoil my mood. Not with the New York Jets about to kick off the start to their pre-season tonight against the Detroit Lions. So, before I get liquored up let me hit you off with some blog rants. This week we have some NFL talk, my reaction to the NBA schedule, a quick recap to Jeanie Buss’ comments, and my new staple of the blog: rapid fire rants. First up!NFL Preseason

Are you ready for some football? Football is back ladies and gentlemen. It might be the pre-season, and some pre-season games might be some 7-6 stinkers but it’s football and I’m so glad to see it back on my television. Actually, I like pre-season action. It’s a chance to see some of your favorite players, but it also gives you a chance to see backups in extended action, and players you may have followed in college, chase their NFL dreams. Also, you get a view of guys who might not make the NFL, but you see them out their busting their asses for the opportunity. It’s some good stuff, actually. Or, if you’re a fan of the Jets (like myself) and Eagles (a team I get to see at least twice a season), pre-season means QB battle. Of course, as a Jets fan I’m interested to see how the battle between Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith plays out over the next few weeks, but honestly I really want to see the Mike Vick-Nick Foles battle in Philadelphia. New Eagles coach Chip Kelly is likely going to implement some of his hurry up spread offense from Oregon and I’d like to see how both quarterbacks execute it. Vick seems like a natural fit because of his running ability, but I like Foles’ chances at winning the job. He’s not going to take off and run but if he can avoid the pass rush, he has a strong enough arm to make all the throws. As far as the Jets go? Sanchez has “earned” the right to start tonight, but hopefully Geno earns the starting nod. I don’t forsee a good season for my team no matter who starts, so throwing Geno out there might be better for the long run (even if it costs Coach Rex Ryan his job in the short run). So, it’s pre-season. I’m still ready for some football but if my Jets are already in the conversation for the #1 pick of the 2014 draft by the time of the NBA season opener then I’m turning my attention to basketball.NBA Preseason

The 2013-2014 NBA Schedule is out and I feel like a kid at Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, once again the NBA has 5 games on December 25th for wall to wall basketball. The revamped Brooklyn Nets kick off the day against the Chicago Bulls, followed by the Knicks hosting Kevin Durant and the Thunder. That’s a big day for my town to host 2 basketball games in one afternoon. Stand up New York City and take a bow. The late afternoon main event is the Miami Heat visiting the Los Angeles Lakers. Now, Shane Battier of the Miami Heat came out with some comments asking why are the Heat on the road on Christmas Day and I’m in agreement with him. The champs should be at home. Also, why the Heat at the Lakers? Christmas Day would have been a fine time for Dwight Howard to come back to L.A. with the Rockets. Missed opportunity NBA. However, Dwight will be on Christmas Day when the Rockets go to San Antonio to play the Spurs and that game is followed by the capper of the night: the Clippers in Oakland to face Golden State. I’m usually on vacation around Christmas time but whatever City or Country I’m in, I plan to be next to a TV that day. The schedule is bigger than Christmas, obviously, but I have some gripes with it. Why are the Lakers on national television 25 times? I understand the Knicks and Heat on TV 25 times but I don’t get the Lakers. Now, I know it’s L.A. but this isn’t a Lakers team that’s in the contending conversation so I’m not sure why they are on TV more than the Clippers, Warriors, Rockets, and Spurs. Even worse to me is that the Pacers are only on national television 10 times, while the Denver Nuggets who are in straight up tank mode is on television 13 times. I get rewarding the large markets but there are some good teams out there who will have little televised exposure during the season. The NBA is dropping the ball, but I guess I just don’t understand the power of marketing and advertising dollars. Thank goodness for NBA League Pass. I might have to invest in that this season. Anyway, since I am a Lakers fan living in New York, you would think I’d look forward to seeing my team on TV every chance I get, but I just don’t see the need for 25 games in what could be a subpar season for them. Anyway, at least the Buss family have faith. Speaking of the Buss’…Jeanie Buss

Lakers Vice President Jeanie Buss, who is also the fiancee of Coach Phil Jackson, is in the news due to her radio interview on ESPN 710 this week. Jeanie stated that her father, the deceased Dr. Jerry Buss, would have kept Dwight Howard from leaving the Lakers. I’d have to agree with her there. Dr. Buss had a way of selling Los Angeles and keeping his stars happy. Dr. Buss kept Kobe Bryant from bolting twice. Both times he reminded Kobe that there is no place like L.A. and no other franchise like the Lakers. Unfortunately, Jerry’s son Jim doesn’t have his father’s charm or smarts. I digress. Dr. Buss definitely wouldn’t have gone the billboard route. He’d probably invite Dwight to his place, had a couple of girls around, and given him some grandiose vision of where his place would have been with the team and the town. Would Dwight have bought in? The world may never know. Another takeaway from the Buss interview was her comments regarding her fiance Phil Jackson, and current Laker coach Mike D’Antoni. According to Jeanie, Phil is under the belief that the team will improve under D’Antoni. This I’m not so sure of. Yes, I fully believed Dwight Howard was going to leave the Lakers but my pessimistic nature has a hard time believing a team that struggled to get the 8th seed in the West will do better without one of the best players in the League. You may argue addition by subtraction, but you look at an aging Lakers core in Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, and Steve Nash and you see three players who are battling injuries and they’re surrounded by some questionable bench players. Do I have much faith in Chris Kaman, Nick Young, Jordan Farmar, Wesley Johnson, and others to make that core a playoff team? No. No I do not. I’ve been a Lakers fan for a long time. Long enough to remember the lean years that were post Showtime and pre-Shaq and Kobe. The Lakers definitely look like a 30 to 40 win team, and for once there’s nothing wrong with that. Who knew Jeanie Buss would give me so much to talk about?Nets

Maybe it’s because I like talking and sharing my opinions. Now, it’s for my favorite segment of the blog: rapid fire rants! Plaxico Burress of the Pittsburgh Steelers tore his rotator cuff and is out for the season, if not the rest of his career. I’m not sad for him. Guy shot himself in the leg and went to jail for it because he’s a dumb ass and so was his lawyer. Career done. Shout out to Paul Pierce. I didn’t like him when he was a Celtic, but now that he is a Brooklyn Net (pardon me BROOKLYN!!!) he’s one of my favorite players. I said this last season, but I didn’t like the Nets because they didn’t have what I call “killers”. The Nets didn’t have that tough gritty player with swag but they got two now with Pierce and Garnett. Anyway, Pierce believe’s it’s time for the Nets to start running NYC and I agree with him. I like what the Knicks have done this off-season but it’s time for the Nets to start running shit. Hello Brooklyn! Props to LeBron for fullfilling his civic duty. This week Bron reported for jury duty in his hometown of Akron, Ohio and of course it caused a stir. It would have been cool to see LeBron on a jury, but of course he was dismissed. Shabazz Muhammad was dismissed from NBA rookie program for breaking rules. The program has some basic do’s and dont’s but the Minnesota T-Wolves player decided he was too lonely in his hotel room and snuck a girl up. I mean, it’s 4 days dude. You couldn’t quench that thirst for 4 days? The rules of the program asks for very little. No drugs and no girls. I mean, it’s 4 days. For that little bit of time you’d think no one would break such simple commandments. Oh well. Finally, Alex Rodriguez has appealed his 211 game suspension which would have ruled him out for the rest of this season and all of next season. Now, he’s expected to at least play the rest of this season while his appeal is heard in the off season. Tonight, Alex will be making his home debut as the Yankees face the Tigers at Yankee Stadium. If the game does not get rained out, he’s going to hopefully face some hearty boos. Now, I’m not a Yankees fan but I’m very interested to see how he’s going to be treated tonight and going forward by Yankee faithful.

So, that’s it. I’m out this piece. I’ll catch you all next week. Thanks for reading The Blog About Nothing here on which is home to some very good content by some damn good every day joes. We thank you all for that support. One.

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