MMA Roundtable: Aug 9th

Welcome to the MMA Roundtable!

This week, Roni, Collin and David take on Bellator on PPV, Phil vs Lyoto, DC and Jon Jones plus do you have Fox Sports 1!

1. Tito vs Rampage – Live and on PPV!! You Buying?Tito vs Rampage

Roni: Well, it all depends what else is on the card. But so far the claim is that there will be several championship fights, as well as some other “special fight”. If this is true, I am sure to buy it!

Collin: Sure, why not?  It is as serviceable a main event as any PPV outside of the UFC could  promote.  I’m still interested to see Rampage fight, even though he is well past his prime.  Plus I think he will thrash Tito, which is something I think most MMA fans like to watch.  Everyone seems to be critisizing this fight but the reality remains that these two are still among the most popular fighters in the history of the sport.  Not every main event needs to have top-10 pound-for-pound implications; this is going to be a really fun fight between two legends of the sport. People should sit back and enjoy it for what it is.

David: No. I think this is a HUGE mistake, the Bellator way has always been the tournament and every fight on TV. Page and Tito cut through everything they have done in building up the brand and look even more like a UFC also-ran. They look more and more like the Cotton Bowl looking up at the BCS title game. The true main-event on this card should be . . COMING UP NEXT

2. Any Chance Eddie is on this card?

Roni: Don’t see why not. fighting career is short. Eddie should shut up and fight. I understand his situation sucks, but at the end of the day, he is a fighter. Fighters should fight.

Collin: Only God and Bjorn Rebney know that.  I’d like to see Eddie fight on this card for sure, and there are a few decent matches out there for him.  Put him in there with “Batman” Kurt Pelligrino or Drew Fickett.  Those are both decent fights that I’d be interested in watching.

David: The only fight that Bellator can put on that I’d pay money for is Eddie vs Chandler II. Due to the stupidity of Bellator it won’t be a title fight, but we can still do 5 rounds if its the Main Event, right? The Problem is, does Eddie want to be on this card? Does he pull a hammy a week out?

3. Do you want to see Aldo at 155 or stay at 145?Aldo

Roni: Does it matter? I think he has great challenges either way. Most people feel he cleaned up the division, but let us be real: Chad Mendes, Cub Swanson and Ricardo Lamas are all deserving of title shots. Add Frankie to the mix (one more win and he should be back at title picture). Heck, even if Aldo leaves they could settle for a mini-tourney! The point is: Going or staying, I have no doubt that we will continue to see exciting matches from Aldo and FW division (regardless if he stays or not).

Collin: I’m with Roni on this one, I really don’t care much whether he stays at featherweight or moves to 155.  I will say however that if he wants to improve his legacy he should go to 155.  Lightweight has had the reputation for a while as the deepest weight class in the sport, and I don’t think he will have any trouble dealing with the size of the lightweights.  If Jose Aldo goes up an grabs the lightweight title and defends it a few times, we are talking top 5 all time greatest fighter stuff.  Plus I just want to see him fight the best, and the best are at 155 right now.

David: He needs to stay at 145, and keep picking off guys dropping from 155. The problem with him going to 155? BENDO IS HUGE. Bendo could be a top 5 guy at 170. Aldo is going to have serious size problem vs larger middleweights, and might be outweighed by 20 pounds in the cage just on frame alone. Frankie, Pettis, Siver the list of 155ers that have to make that cut to come find him is only going to grow, and don’t forget Lamas, Dustin and the Zombie want him as well. Remember 170 used to be a wasteland at one time, but it got built by 185ers running away from Anderson and natural guys coming in. 155 is HUGE, and Aldo can reap the benefits.

4. Do you have Fox Sports 1 yet?
Roni: No. I tried to find out from my cable company and got no response. But at least I am safe for the first event!  (I have  tickets) !! 🙂

Collin: I think so. The channel doesn’t debut until the 17th I think, and I believe it is taking the place of Speed, which I do get.  I never did get Fuel so I’m hoping I will be getting FS1.

David: Not yet, and tha- Hold up Tickets! You lucky Bastid! That is a great card. I just hope I get it.

5. Davis or Lyoto? Who won?lyoto phil

Roni: I am so mad about this fight! Lyoto won.
But I am not mad at Davis. Davis said it best at the post fight interview. If you let it go to the Judges decision, you forfeit your right to be mad at the decision. But Lyoto was supposed to be fighting for the belt and now he won’t be a contender for the foreseeable future. I hate how unfairly they treat him at UFC.

Collin: Lyoto won, but when you fight with such as passive counter striking style you leave yourself open to the possibility that a few takedowns could cost you a fight.  To Phil’s credit he did a good job of exploding with some fairly useless ground and pound to sell those takedowns to the judges.  I like Lyoto’s style, but if his opponent doesn’t present him with an opening for that one big technique, be it a jumping front kick or just a slide-back straight left, he seems content to just stick and move and not get a lot done.  The judges don’t seem to like that very much, and that is just the way it is right now.

David: I didn’t see the fight until after knowing what happened. But looking at the fight, I can see giving this to Phil. Phil Davis acted like he was coached by Mark Jackson, he did all the little things to steal rounds. Lyoto has to change the gameplan if he wants to get back at Jones.

6. Jon Jones is tired of DC and fired back and told him to stand in line- should he?daniel cormier
Roni:I think he should. I don’t like the way people  talk their way into undeserving title shots.
If he was the HW champion, it would be different. But so far he won NOTHING in the UFC. I don’t see why he deserves to bypass everyone who’s fighting for a chance at the title just because he trash-talk the champ.

Collin: First of all, Jones should give up the trash talking game because he simply isn’t as good at it as DC is.  Second, sure, why not? Does Glover beating Rampage and Bader really mean more than DC beating Bigfoot, Barnett and Mir, whom are all top 10 heavyweights?  It is all very subjective, and if DC can beat Nelson like we all expect him to I’d pay to see him fight Jon and not complain.

David: I like DC, but I’m tired of his mouth. Barnett looked like poo, and Mir won a round against him, I want to see him face someone at 205 before his title shot, and I hope its Rashad.

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