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Welcome to the NFL Roundtable – EAST Edition

With camps opening, its time, in the intrest of fairness, to give one question per team, this week the tour starts with the AFC/NFC East

NOTE: If you know the NFL, and have an opinion, let us know.

AFC East

Buffalo: Who starts at QB week 16?buf-bills-helmet

David: Kevin Kolb. I think EJ does start quite a few games, but I think he gets either hurt or pulled late in the year. Buffalo has some MAJOR problems, and I’m not sure they are going in the right direction.

EJ: EJ Manuel. I was skeptical of him being picked in the 1st round, and I still think the Bills overreached but he’s receiving positive reviews so far in camp, and I think the future of the Bills is dependent on throwing Manuel out there for the whole season and seeing what happens.

Miami: Playoffs? Respectability? New QB/HC?mia-dolphins-helmet

David: Playoffs. Lets look at the AFC. Denver, NE and Houston are the best. Then you have the Ravens, Pitt and uh . . .Exactly. KC looks better, I see the Colts going back a step. So you have the Ravens/Pitt loser, Cincy, and Miami, with decent play on the passrush, can be right there.

EJ: Got to agree with David. The Dolphins should only be focused on making the playoffs. Tannehill is in his 2nd year of a familiar offensive scheme (he played in it at Texas A&M) and adding Mike Wallace should only aid his development. The ‘fins spent some money on defense but if it all gels then they are playoff bound.

New England: Are they still a threat?ne-patriots-helmet

David: I would say so, but I’m not nearly as confident as I have been for a decade. If I had more faith in Texas, Denver or . . .yeah. Exactly. If they were in the NFC? I would say they are no threat anymore. But lets be honest. I could play TE and they are still winning the AFC East and 3rd seed.

EJ: Yes, but a diminished one. Brady might come back down to Earth without his Tight Ends, and no Wes Welker, but the Patriots have been so good for so long you’d have to think they can hold onto the AFC East crown for one more season.

New York Jets: Is Rex Ryan employed at the end of the season?ny-jets-Helmet

David: I think Ryan is a good coach, but I just think he signed on with Sanchez as his QB, and its HARD for a coach to survive a QB change. I think had Ryan been able to replace his RBs he would not had to worry so much about the QB. Imagine the Jets had they brought in Jackson or drafted Blount? I think he is unemployed as long as he’s bored with ESPN. Thank goodness Notre Dame has a good coach.

EJ: As a Jets fan I can be pretty brutal when it comes to my team, but I also think I’m being honest when it comes down to it. On paper this Jets team is horrible. No proven running back, and their top receiver, Santonio Holmes, is likely to miss a chunk of the season with a foot injury. I’d start Geno from Week 1 and see what happens, but yes, Rex will be unemployed at the end of this season. It’s not entirely his fault but this Jets team looks like a 4 to 7 win team and he can’t survive that.

Switch to the NFC!

NFC East

Dallas: Is this really a playoffs or bust year?dls-cowboys-Helmet

David: Its a mediocre year. Let me ask you a question. How do you best improve a team? Either a MASSIVE upgrade on defense, New Coach- if you pick right, OR you get a QB. JJ seems thrilled with Romo, and they simply have not hit on defensive greatness. I think they are just stuck in a rut, and unless they luck into finding Bill Walsh or Hoodie in a coaching search, its not gonna happen.

EJ: The Cowboys are woefully average. David is right. The Cowboys really haven’t taken any steps on trying to upgrade themselves, or change the team culture. They’ve been status quo for a few seasons now. I’d expect the ‘boys to flirt with making the playoffs before eventually missing out. Yet again.

New York Giants: Bounce Back or Fall Back?


David: I think they are about the same on the field, but the record does not show it. I think they slip a bit more, but can still win the NFC East. Of course winning a division at 9-7 isn’t that impressive.

EJ: Bounce back. Eli will be consistent as well Cruz and Nicks, but with Wilson now the feature back, I think the Giants could finish at least 11-5. Be on the lookout for Reuben Randle. He could be big this season.

Philadelphia: What week does Chip Kelly regret leaving Oregon?phi-eagles-Helmet

David: Let me say this for the 5,782 time. I could win 70% of the games that most of these high-power NCAA coaches do, so could my 6 year old. Heck, I might be able to win 80%, as could most coaches. I think there are VERY few coaches that could be named coach of Alabama, then 5 days later walk into Vanderbilt and get their head handed to them. The talent gap is just HUGE. The difference in the NFL? Not so much. I have a hard time thinking I could take the Packers and wack the Jags. (well, other than on Madden) So when does Chippy start thinking about all that Nike Money? Week 4, when Denver drops the hammer on him, and he sees the jump between Alex Smith and Peyton. I don’t think he pulls a Saban, but I think he loses some weekend sleep.

EJ: He has $32 million reasons to regret not leaving Oregon. Chip is going to lose some games. Chip is going to have to deal with this Riley Cooper mess, but will Chip run back to college football like Saban and Petrino did before him? Yeah, but not just after a few games like those guys. I can see Chip hanging in for 3 or 4 years of his Eagles contract before he realizes that controlling his own college program is infinitely better than dealing with professionals who won’t respond to your every beck and call.

Washington: Is Shanahan the right coach for Elway 2.0?wsh-redskins-helmet

David: I think he can be, I’m just not sure he will be.  Danny Boy is gonna get upset if he has to miss the playoffs at anytime with RG3, and the chances that cost Shanahan his job? I’d say pretty high. If RG3 does get hurt again, expect some serious looks at the way his offensive line is constructed and coached.

EJ: Like David, I think he can be. I also don’t think he will be. Daniel Snyder, owner of the Redskins, may not be as impatient as he was in the past but if the Redskins have a setback, or there is more questions about Shanahan’s usage of RG3 then he’ll be dumped and some other offensive genius will have to step in.

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