UFC 163: Aldo vs. Korean Zombie picks

Welcome to the UFC 163 picks! ufc163

The fight I was most looking forward to on this card, Maia vs Koscheck is gone, so I’m not overly enthused over this one. I’m not making plans to watch this one, but Aldo is deserving of a better platform to showcase his skills, as is the Korean Zombie. So who takes the belt home in a decidedly lackluster card on paper? Roni joins me to reveal the picks . . . NEXT


Preliminary card (FX)
an McCall vs. Iliarde Santos 

David: How in the Hades is Ian 0-2-1 in the UFC? Look at the guys he’s faced. Its a murderer’s row at 125. Santos is here to see if Ian keeps his job. He should win going away, or Bellator on line 2.
Roni : 
I like Ian. And I still think he beat MM on their first encounter, and got too cocky on the second fight. I also don’t think that a lost to Benavidez should harm his status.But I do think he can beat Santos.

Ian McCall wins via dec.
Sergio Moraes vs. Neil Magny

David: I have a 6 inch reach advantage, and I’m on another level on the ground than you. How are you going to beat me? Neil wins by decision.
Roni : I like Magny. He’s real good with his overall game, and has a specially sleak BJJ. But Moraes is a 4-time Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion and even beat Kron Gracie in 2008. I see Sergio winning the battle on the ground, but that possibly means that the fight will not go there, and THAT makes Neil the favorite everywhere else.

Neil wins via Decision.

Amanda Nunes vs. Sheila Gaff 

David: Finally, a hometown favorite that wins. I’m taking Nunes here because she can get a takedown over Gaff whenever she wants.
Roni : Nunes is a browler. Sheila comes from Boxing. I see Sheila KO’ing Nunes here.

Sheila wins via (T)ko on 1st.

Vinny Magalhães vs. Anthony Perosh

David: Unlike Ian McCall, I know why Vinny has stunk up the UFC. I know Perosh is a MONSTER underdog. But I’m putting a TON of money at MMAPlayground on him. I just have a feeling that the Hippo is more deserving of his spot in the UFC than Vinny.
Roni :I like Perosh. But I am a fan of Vinny. Both guys are monsters on the ground, and I hope to see a technical battle there (though invariably it means we won’t see them on the ground). But I still see Vinny winning over Perosh.

Magalhães wins via Decision.

Main card
John Lineker vs. Jose Tome

David: Tome has not lost a fight since 2008. Now quick, name me a guy he has beaten. I’ll wait. Lineker has faced a stiffer road, and despite the lesser record, I’m taking him via DEC
Roni :Jose does not like to go to decision. he KOs or submits people. His only losses were by the way of Submission. That’s not Lineker’s forte.

Jose wins via sub on 3rd.

Thales Leites vs. Tom Watson

David: Watson is a SLOW fighter, who really needs someone to light a fire under him to get to the next level. Talent vs Talent, he’s better than Leites. I’m taking Thales because of one thing. Greg Jackson. He’s found the spot to nail Watson to the wall for 15 full minutes.
Roni : Thales Leites is coming back to UFC after winning 6 of his last 7 fights outside.
And I think he can beat Tom Watson.

Leites  via submission on 2nd.

Cezar Ferreira vs. Thiago Santos

David: On a PPV part of the card, I have a hard time caring about this fight. If this was on FX or on a free TV? I’m all over this. If not for Alzo/Zombie- this is the fight of the night. Santos is larger, and hits harder, Ferreira is quicker, and can light you up in a hurry. With a total UFC number of ONE bout combined, this is one fascinating fight. . . .if you have heard of them. I’ll take Ferreira to make the lasting impression. inside of 10 minutes.
Roni : Cezar “mutante” Ferreira won the first UFC Brazil. I love his style, and I think he will improve with a win over Thiago.

Cezar by (T)ko on 1st.
Lyoto Machida vs. Phil Davis
Roni : This is a dangeroud fight for Machida.
He’s been the #1 contender for about a year now, and yet he’s passed over title shots almost as much as Vitor is at MW.
Now Phil is not a pushover. far from it. he invariably improves immensely between fights.
But Machida seems to feel the heat of getting passed over again, with the talks of DC moving down after Roy.
So I would look for machida to have an extra-incentive to beat Davis convincingly, as to secure his place as next in line.

Machida by (T)ko on 3rd.

David: I have to disagree here. Lets look at the wrestlers that Lyoto had faced. Tito- Won. Rashad- Won. Bader- Won. Hendo- Won. He’s also done better against Jones than anyone else. The only other guys to beat him was Shogun- and Rampage in a BS verdict by Mr Magoo. How many times has Machida been dropped on his back? Exactly. How much damage has Phil done on his feet? Exactly. I’m expecting a quicker version of Machida/Evans at the best, Rory/Jake at the worst. Lord I hope Phil gets bored and tried to pressure Lyoto.

Aldo vs Zombie

Jose Aldo (c) vs. Chan Sung Jung

Roni : This fight has the looks and the feeling of a nice one. But after SIlva, there’s a newfound concern amongst the champions, and as such, Aldo might be more conservative than usual.
However, I do think that Aldo needs to take chances and beat Jung early; because Jung seems to enter Zombie mode on the later rounds, while Aldo tends to fade away and coast to victories.
I hope for Aldo to forget Safety and beat Jung on the early rounds.

Aldo by (T)ko on 2nd

David: Here is the Problem with this fight. Jung wants to throw fists, Aldo is going to throw kicks. That is going to slow a Zombie down even more. The longer the fight goes, the harder it is going to be for Jung to get clean shots on Aldo. Jung has to come out and blast Aldo early and often, and hope that’s enough. If Aldo can evade- even if he has to almost run, he can wear Jung down and if not take him out, make sure he won’t walk until UFC 164 is on the Air.

Aldo by TKO in the 4th.

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