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Comments by EJ. Pictures by David

What up world, it’s your boy EJ back with another edition of The Blog About Nothing. I had to take last week off, due to some personal issues (writer’s block if I’m going to keep it 100) but I’m back this week with some Johnny Manziel, some Riley Cooper, I hate the nickname of the NBA’s New Orleans franchise, and some quick rants on some things popping off in the sports world. Without further ado … let’s get it!Johnny Manziel

After reading Wright Thompson’s Outside The Lines story on about Johnny Manziel and his family, let me say that my first impression was that the media needs to back off of this kid. He’s 20 and clearly struggling to handle his celebrity and the stress of being the big fish in the small pond that is College Station, Texas. The Texas A&M redshirt sophomore QB probably drinks more than he should, and his temperment isn’t helping him going forward but he is still a kid that is receiving far too much scrutiny. Case in point: Manziel recently tweeted “I came up … I stayed true … I ain’t perfect”. Nothing wrong with that right, except ESPN on their bottom line scroll read that tweet to be his reaction to the Thompson story. However, anyone with some sense, and some street cred, might have recognized those words as lyrics to the brand new Drake song All Me (featuring 2 Chainz and Big Sean). Those words might have been facebooked or tweeted by thousands of people yesterday. Shit, I facebooked Big Sean’s verse to my page yesterday. It seems anything this kid does now is open for public consumption and that really isn’t fair. Now, admittedly I do think that Johnny would be better served by closing up shop and keeping things to himself, but he doesn’t appear to be that type. He wants to live his life for the world to see, and I say go ahead young man and do you.Riley Cooper

Are drunken words sober thoughts? That’s a question you have to ask Riley Cooper right now. Personally, as an African-American male I’m not offended by Riley’s use of the N- word but I’m not a Philadelphia Eagle, an Eagle fan, or a resident of the City of Philadelphia. Riley’s N-bomb is extremely unfortunate. The Eagle wide receiver was caught on video when he drunkenly stated at a Kenny Chesney concert that he would fight every N-word there. The video, which was taken 2 months ago, was made public this week and since then he’s been fighting the battle of contrition. Of course, he’s going to apologize, and you have to admire the stance of Eagles QB Michael Vick who has publicly forgiven him. Vick, a man that was and is still seeking forgiveness for his own transgressions, is the perfect person to publicly be in Cooper’s corner. I say publicly, because privately it must be tough for Cooper to re-assimilate himself into the locker room, in a sport that is predominantely African-American. Cooper is going to have teammates that are going to question him, as well as pull away from him. He’s also going to be going up against defensive backs that are going to want to knock the stuffing out of him for his words. In the words of Vick’s younger brother Marcus: he might face some guys who’ll put bounties out on him. So, what do I think the Eagles will do? Well, they’ve already fined him, and the NFL already stated that they won’t penalize him further so it’s up to Coach Kelly to determine whether he needs Cooper on his team, and it’s up to Cooper to prove that this was a drunken one-time incident and that he isn’t a racist. However, at the end of the day I think this will be too much for Cooper to overcome. I’m not one of those people who id easily taken aback by the N-word but in today’s environment, in a sport that as I mentioned before is predominantely African-American, and with today’s media cycle it’s only a matter of time before Cooper is released, and his NFL career comes to an early end.Pelicans

I recently blogged about the Hornets name returning to the City of Charlotte, but for the Hornets returning to Charlotte the Pelicans are on their way to New Orleans. The Pelicans? Really? Really? If I thought the Thunder were bad, then you know I hate the name the Pelicans. It’s a bird. It’s a bird that will dive out of the sky and take whatever you’re eating out of your hands but it’s hardly the name of a sports franchise. I understand the City of New Orleans wanted a name that suited the City and the fans of the franchise but I can’t get past the name the Pelicans. Besides it being a big ass pest, I don’t get the sports connection. If I were the Commissioner of the NBA this is what I would have done: taken the name Jazz away from Utah (because what do Mormons know about Jazz!?!?!) and given it back to the City of New Orleans. The New Orleans Jazz is appropriate as all hell. As for Utah, pick a name that suits their fanbase. The Bees or some shit like that. The Utah Bees? So lame that it’s hot! Anyway, I guess the Pelicans will grow on me but as of right now I feel like Damon Wayans and David Alan Greer in their In Living Color Men on Film sketch: hated it! With 2 snaps and a twist!!clay_exercise_06

Finally some rapid fire rants. The Minnesota Vikings need to let Greg Jennings do his thing. The Vikings and Packers are rivals so what’s wrong with Greg taking a few shots at his ex-Packers QB Aaron Rodgers. If he wants to say Fuck 12 (shout out to the Migos … Y.R.N.!) then let him. That’s his right. Keep the rivalry booming. Next up are the people who argue the pre-season College Football top 25 polls: shut up! It’s a meaningless poll that rewards the achievements of last season. It’s not an indicator of how this season will play out so stop arguing if one team is too low, or one team is too high, or someone got left out. We got until January to let it play out. Sit back and enjoy the ride. It’s great to be an ex- Florida Gator, huh? Aaron Hernandez is in jail. Riley Cooper is dropping N-bombs, and Tim Tebow is on his third NFL team trying to make his QB dreams come true. Word is Tebow is struggling horribly in practice with the New England Patriots. I like him as a person, but he really needs to hang it up, and go out and spread the word. He would have an excellent future as a public speaker, preacher, or politician. Go put your celebrity to better use Big Time Timmy Jim!! To Alex Rodriguez: it’s over A-Roid. Stop trying to save money by wasting time. You’ve taken steroids, you tried to hide your connection to noted cheating Doctor Anthony Galea, and now you’re wrapped up in Biogenesis. Bud Selig wants your hide. Even if he takes a year and a half suspension his career is over, so stop stalling. Man up, take the hit and let the public move on! Finally props to Women’s Golf. Inbee Park is chasing a true Grand Slam at the Women’s British Open. To win all four majors in one year is a remarkable feat, and one that is damn near impossible and improbable to be duplicated. If she pulls it off it she would be dominance personified. You go girl!

So, that’s it. The blog done. Hope you enjoyed it, and check me out next time. Thank you for supporting 7PoundBag and until next week … peace.

Comments by EJ. Pictures by David
Comments by EJ.
Pictures by David

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