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You can’t use that Word! Part V

August 30, 2013 Joe Cantiello 1

“White people…you can use the N-word. – Kriss, “ “Yup you heard me. I am now in full support of white people using the N-word. Let me explain. See for the longest time we blacks […]


You can’t say that word! Part III

August 28, 2013 Joe Cantiello 0

Part III Previous Parts One Two In fact, the Carolina colonies were using the Indians as a trading commodity and were actually exporting these people to the West Indies and sources report that “between 1670 […]

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August 27, 2013 Joe Cantiello 3

You think you have heard it all when something new comes down the pike. Then you either read or hear or see something that just makes you say what the… and shake your head. 1) […]

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August 27, 2013 Archie 0

1. At this point in the season only Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig put up the kind of season that Miguel Cabrera is having; that is IF you exclude Bonds. So that last point brings […]


Season Preview: Tampa Bay

August 27, 2013 Zach Case 2

Season  Preview Tampa Bay Buccaneers Say what you may, but there is storm brewing in Tampa. It wasn’t during Schiano’s rookie season, and it might not be this year…but there is magic brewing in Tampa. […]