ManMovie Tournament: Play-in brackets part 2

Well, after the first 7 movies went off- voting still going on, and yes, you can email me as well your selections, for Part 1, and lets go into the second part of the play-in movies.

The seven for today (Three get in the main field)

American Beauty – There are a TON of ways to take this movie, and many ways to interpret growth in the Human Male.

Clerks – Might be up there for nerd movies as well, I saw it again last year, and while some parts have not aged well, some parts are still excellent. The contractors on the Death Star still is the highlight of the film to me. Also, ignore the shitty sequel.

City Slickers – Billy Crystal in a ManMovie? Absolutely, have to love this movie more as you get older, but its deeper than most.

Grownups – Kind of odd, but was on more lists than you would think. The only Adam Sandler movie on the list?Hangover

Hangover – I found this movie overrated the first time I saw it, but enjoyed it more the second time around. Its a bit uneven still but a solid movie.

Rudy – Rudy? Its definitely a feel good movie with a never stay die sprit, skirting reality with just enough embellishment to have a good story. Its stunning to hear Joe Montana’s take on this movie.

The Wrestler – Even if you are not a wrestling fan, you have to admire the way Randy decides to go out, even with relationships finally going his way, but to me the best scene is at the grocery store when he just quits trying to be normal.

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