Site News: Year II

Well, Just to let you know that the beatings will continue until morale improves.Money

After some thinking and deciding, we have reupped the name and the site for another 12 months. (Gotta love that sound of money flushing) too bad GoogleAds don’t agree with other sites that evaluate websites.

So celebrate! We have another 178,000 roundtables planned, I am still looking for a music person, and the MANMOVIE tournament kicks off this week with the play-in games! We are going three-wide in that tournament, so expect that this week.

We are going to be kicking off the NFL Previews in the next few days, and that also means FANTASY FOOTBALL!!!

So sit back, buckle up, and above all, enjoy. If you want to join a roundtable, let me know.

We are not going anywhere.

PS. If you’ll like us on Facebook, and share all this with your friends, we’ll take that too.

Stacking PaperPPS. EJ says Hi.


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