ManMovies Tournament- Play-In Day 1

Alright people, After 3 weeks of reveals, dozens of sites and Your suggestions, we are down to 93 movies.

Suicide Kings
Suicide Kings

93 ways to show your buddy who just doesn’t have the right taste in movies.

To Catchup: What is a Man Movie and the Qualifications and Rules

So we have 93 movies wanting 81 spots. I decided we are going 3 wide, and I moved quite a few of the play-in candidates to the main card.

But there are still 21 movies wanting in the final 12 spots.

So we split them into 3 days- and the top 3 finishers in each group of 7 get in.

As with all things threesome, You have 3 ways to vote.

1) Below

2) The 7poundbag Facebook page that you all should have liked by now.

3) The All-New Man-Movies Facegroup group!

You have a WEEK. So vote by monday, please.Escape from New York

The Monday 7.

  • The Avengers – Quite Possibly the best Superhero movie ever done, and what makes it manly? Well, let’s bypass the pure hotness of the Black Widow. Just going with the entire action series at the end, and The Mania of Hulk, plus Captain America just slapping guys around- plus Hulk vs Thor vs Iron Man etc !!
  • Blues Brothers – Without a doubt the best SNL movie, and still a classic. Why is it Manly? Its a buddy picture with song and dance, and who doesn’t love RAWHIDE!!
  • CopOut – 1 of 2 Kevin Smith Flicks, and lets just say its here more for Bruce Willis than the fatass (or Tracy Morgan), ok?  Read “Tough Shit: Life Advice from a Fat, Lazy Slob Who Did Good.”
  • Escape from New York – Ignore Escape from LA. Snake is a BADASS. Why is it manly? ITS SNAKE.
  • Mad Max – Tina Turner in spandex, Mel Gibson being awesome in a non-crazy way, and if you don’t chant “Two men enter, One man Leave” you just need to quit now.
  • Suicide Kings – An underrated Classic, If you love Jay Mohr, you have to love Walken here, even has the nerdy dude from Big Bang Theory and Rosanne in an awesome role. Not to mention Dennis Leary being Dennis Leary. – And no, you cannot borrow my copy.
  • Untouchables – One more gangster movie, Kevin Coster and Sean Connery being awesome in a buddy-cop kinda way, plus Al Capone is AWESOME here.

So rank them 1-7 if you want, but give me your top 3 to make the final cut, and come back tomorrow for part 2!Mad max


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