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In the words of Bill Crosby “I started out as a child” and right around the age of eleven I was brought to the brutal realization that the game of baseball could break a person’s heart just as meanly and badly as another lover could.  That was the year the Pittsburgh Pirates beat “my” Yankees in the Wolds Series on that damn Mazeroski’ walk off HR in game seven.

In short, I am baseball fan. I have always been a baseball fan from the very first glove I had … a Bobby Richardson model…  at around the age of eight and all through my adolescence when my neighborhood pals and me played in a grassy lot with rocks or paper plates or even our own unused gloves as the bases.  And, with worn out balls wrapped with electrical taped and bats that were pockmarked from hitting tossed up golf ball sized rocks when no one else was around to play the game and up to this very time that I write these words.

I may have been disenchanted with the game, and, I may have said I was ready to chuck the game away and retire it to my childhood memories due to its participants greed and boorish behavior but never have I ever left the game for good… nor could I because it is in my mind the purest and simplest game that there is and is, in fact, simply America.

You may find a piece written by me about something else… about another topic … but, most of my musings will be, somehow and someway, about baseball. It is one of the few things I am truly passionate about. There are two topics you may see from me on a semi-regular basis and they are commentary on topics in the news that touch our lives economically and socially… (And let it be known right now that philosophically I am neither a capitalist nor a socialist), and musings on my favorite writers… among them being Dean Koontz, David Baldacci, Walter Mosely and John Sanford.

M y literary career is essentially that I have written for a few years for the now defunct website Informative Sports and I have posted and blogged on SI’s Fannation.

I do not own a cell phone, and, consequently do not twitter. I do have a Facebook account (www.facebook.com/joe.cantiello). And, kicking and screaming, I have advanced (somewhat) into the 21st century.

I attended the “University of Bridgeport” (CT) and studied/majored in among other things philosophy, sociology, journalism and theatre arts. My friend Neil once said that he once thought that I was going to be the epitome of the professional student as I attended classes off and on for about ten years but never finished the last year of a four year degree program … so goes the war.

I am now 64 years young and a very opinionated curmudgeon.  And I hope that is reflected in what I write and how I write.

For what it is worth, I am back with mouse and keyboard in hand.

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