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Welcome to the UFC on Fox 8 picks!UFC on Fox 8

This could be an interesting card- but could have surprises, but lets be honest, most of the news this week has been on the STACKED UFC 166 card, but lets look at the picks here. David and Jim give the picks on the undercard, then Roni comes in for the Main Card, cause he’s just that much of the Main-Eventer!

Women’s Bantamweight
Julie Kedzie     vs.     Germaine de Randamie

Jim: de Randamie Decision
David: Kedzie via Dec

Ed Herman     vs.     Trevor Smith

Jim: Herman TKO Round 2
David: Ed via KO 2

Yves Edwards     vs.     Daron Cruickshank

Jim: Cruickshank Decision
David: Edwards KO 2

Mac Danzig     vs.     Melvin Guillard

Jim: Guillard KO Round 1
David: I’m going Mac here, Melvin has too much on  his plate right now.  

Danny Castillo     vs.     Tim Means

Jim: Castillo Decision
David: Castillo Sub 2

Michael Chiesa     vs.     Jorge Masvidal

Roni: Michael Chiesa was supposed to fight Madadi, who had Visa issues and had to pull out. Instead, he got Masvidal.

IMO he got now more than he can handle, and will probably lose his invincibility.

Jorge wins via (T)KO on the 2nd round.

Jim: Masvidal is just by far a superior boxer. He’s going to light Chiesa up on the feet. Chiesa’s only path to victory is to somehow ground Masvidal but considering the improvements in Masvidals’ takedown defense, and ground game I don’t see him being successful there. Look for Masvidail to beat Chiesa up on the feet for 3.

Masvidal wins via Unanimous Decision

David: I do like Chiesa, who could really go far, but I think Jorge is simply too much, too soon here. I’d lay some cash on Chiesa- if you can get good odds on him, but if it stays upright, Jorge is going to stick and move for 15 minutes.

Masvidal wins via Unanimous Decision

Women’s Bantamweight
Liz Carmouche     vs.     Jessica AndradeLiz

Roni: Miesha Tate was supposed to fight Liz, but had to replace Cat Zingano on the next TUF.

Jessica is a new addition to the women’s division in the UFC, and I don’t expect her to be a walk in the park.

Her ability to win both by Sub or KO makes her a difficult opponent; but Liz is also not someone to overlook.

Normally, I would take Jessica. But the experience factor of high-profile, as well as fighting in the UFC should give Liz the edge.

Liz wins via Decision.

Jim: Going for the big upset here. Not many people know Andrade but she has a very click submission game and hits pretty hard. Her striking is a little awkward but I think she has what it takes to outgrapple Liz and win scrambles.

Andrade wins via close decision.

David: Liz was an underhook from being world champion, I think this is a good bounceback for her, and she takes the win on the feet.

Liz wins via Decision.


Robbie Lawler     vs.     Bobby Voelker

Roni: Robbie is fighting the replacement of the replacement.

After his destruction of Kos, I expect more of the same from mr. Ruthless.

Robbie Lawler wins via (T)KO on the 1st round

Jim: Anyone who’s watched Bobby Voelker and his trilogy fights with Roger Bowling over in Strikeforce knows this guy is a game brawler. I still think he beat Patrick Cote in his UFC debut but this appears to be a tailor made fight for Ruthless. Lawler is much more athletic and hits like a truck. I think Voelker’s brawling style is a perfect set up for Lawler to drop him which will be beautiful violence.

Lawler wins via KO in Round 1.

David: I still don’t know what to do with Robbie, I still don’t think he’s that good, but nobody has slapped Koscheck around like that before. Volker is a decent fighter, with a good chin, but I think even a decent Lawler wins one going away.

Lawler wins via KO in Round 2

Rory MacDonald     vs.     Jake Ellenberger

Roni: This, to me, is the unofficial main event.

A lot riding on this fight. Jake can, with a win, be the next in line for a title shot. Well, Rory could also, but unless Hendricks beats GSP, this ain’t gonna happen.

I like Jake. But I think Rory is “that guy” – the next generation to take over once GSP falls.

Rory wins via (T)KO on the 2nd round

Jim: Agree with Roni. The true main event for me. Let’s be honest, the only way Ellenberger wins is by KOing MacDonald in the 1st. If he doesn’t, he’s going to gas and take a beating. Ellenberger has been talking a lot of trash and I think he may be in over his head going into the cage with the next dominant force at WW. Rory has a great camp in TriStar and I look for them to come up with a great gameplan and Rory is a very cerebral fighter so he’ll stick to it. Look for Rory to avoid the big shot in round one and take a gassed Ellenberger to the ground in round 2 where Rory unleashes ground and pound from hell.

MacDoanld wins via TKO Round 2.

David: Jake has pretty much one shot with this one- Rory takes him time to get going, he’s almost like a boulder going downhill, but it takes time for him to get going, Jake pretty much has 2-3 minutes to drop him or he’s in trouble. Jake is not going to go away, and at any time he can drop Rory, and I’m not sure Rory has the power to stop Jake at any time. I don’t think Jake has the tools to win the majority of the time so he has to win the scrambles and “be first” Finally, Rory cannot get confident late in the bout like he did against BJ Penn. Jake can and will make him look stupid if he does. I’m still take Rory, but this fight I’m excited for.

Rory by scorecards

Flyweight ChampionshipMighty Mouse
Demetrious Johnson      vs.     John Moraga

Roni: This fight makes no sense to me. but it comes to prove this weight-class is still building up and some odd matchups will occur until it settles down and the rankings will be able to dictate the next challenger. Because in my opinion, John is a fringe top 10, so normally he’d have no business being on a title fight.

This fight will probably be the usual Mighty Mouse type of fight. Fast-paced affair with a Decision win by the champion.

Demetrious Johnson wins by decision

Jim: I think many people are underestimating Moraga in this fight. His wrestling is top notch but he uses it to stand and bang. Johnson doesn’t have much power so I think Moraga will look to take a shot to give a shot. Mighty Mouse has been dropped in recent fights and Moraga can most certainly drop Johnson with a fight changing shot. I’m tempted to take Moraga but Johnson seems to always win scrambles and recover quickly to big shots. I’ll take Johnson but Moraga will give him all he can handle.

Johnson wins via close decision.

David: Name me one think Moraga does better than Mighty Mouse. He’s the bigger guy, but I don’t think he’s the better guy. My biggest issue here is neither one of these guys has massive KO power, so a stoppage is going to be hard to come by. Moraga might be better on the ground, but I can’t see it ever going that way. The Mouse is faster, used to seeing 5×5 and can land punches in bunches in opportune times. I think he takes this one going away.

Demetrious Johnson wins by decision

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