Welcome to the MLB Roundtable, this week we have Archie and Stephan throwing the topics back and forth, with Ryan Braun, Mid-season trades and of course more PED talk!

1. Ryan Braun has been suspended for using PEDs for the remainder of the season; we all know this by now. The Question is however, should he also be fined for lying?Ryan Braun

ARCHIE: Braun was given multiple opportunities to come clean but yet he was adamant in his innocence and denial. He actually, “Bet his life” on his innocence. He actually had me thinking that MLB did not know how to properly test and that their procedures were flawed. We know now who was flawed and who was honest. I’m not calling for his head. The current suspension is for using illegal crap but I say a hefty fine should be for his lying.

STEPHAN: I have to say this; I am very disappointed in Ryan Braun. As one of my favorite baseball players in today’s game; Braun coming out and admitting to using PED’s, and taking the suspension handed down really puts a nasty taste in my mouth. That being said, I think MLB suspending Braun WITHOUT PAY is enough. They are in sense fining him well over a million dollars from the suspension without pay. I think we as fans now can move on, but I, along with many others have lost a great deal of respect for Ryan Braun.

 2. Who is currently flying under the radar of suspicion that you think will be suspended for PEDs in the future?

ARCHIE: I KNOW that I will get beat up on this. I KNOW that I will piss people off with this. But I can’t help but feel Jose Bautista will get popped at some point.

STEPHAN: It’s so hard not to suspect anyone nowadays, and I would hate to put a negative tone on a player who is doing the right thing and playing the right way. My guess on the next “suspect” is going to be Baltimore First Baseman, Chris Davis. His power output this season has far exceeded what he has done in years past. While I don’t think he is using, he will be the next suspect.

 3. With less than 10 days before the trade deadline, which clubs are looking to dump large payrolls?

ARCHIE: Everyone is pretty certain the White Sox is going to be dealing away some players. Exactly who and how many is to be seen. The Cubs are already dumping players again and the rumor mill has it that Soriano is headed back to the Yankees. The Phillies are also in the limelight of teams that will be sellers this year but as long as they maintain their second place hold on the NL East it will be very hard for them to justify to their fans if they do hit the sellers market. They have 8 games against contending teams remaining before the deadline and the outcome of those will definitely have an impact on the trade market this year.

STEPHAN: The Cubs have already made a move in trading Matt Garza, and rumors are they are looking to unload Alfonso Soriano, possibly to the Yankees. I also think the Blue Jays after falling further and further down the standings will be sellers at the trade deadline.

 4. With less than 10 days before the trade deadline, which clubs WILL make a move to get help?New York Yankees

ARCHIE: Obviously all contending teams are looking for that Miracle Mid-Season Trade. The Yankees, Dodgers and Rangers have already begun this year’s scramble to add to their rosters for a run at the playoffs. Texas is a legit contender for the West and I think with a little more help they can make it. The Yankees however, may have waited a little too long. I can see Detroit holding pat. In the NL, I don’t see St Louis or Pittsburgh changing the current chemistry on their respective teams. The Dodgers acquired Nolasco to help their starting rotation and now that they have Kemp back they should handle the west. That leaves the East where Atlanta has the largest lead of any current leader and probably need the most help. The Braves are not leading the East because of their offense but more so because all the other teams have played so poorly the last month.  Braves may look for a bat but I’m not sure what they are willing to give up for it.

STEPHAN: There are a few that are going to make some sort of push. I think your key players are going to be the Yankees, who are still in contention, and have lost a lot this season, and also the Texas Rangers will make some sort of deal to help their chances at the West division.

 5. Should the wildcard playoff format be revised?

ARCHIE: Yes it should! I HATE the current One-and-Done format. Any team that fights hard enough to make the playoffs should be given the opportunity to at least have one game in front of their own fans as reward. I don’t care what it takes; shorten the season, shorten all the playoff series to five games (except the WS), no days off except for east/west coast travel, shorten the AS break; whatever, but make the WC playoffs at LEAST best of 3 OR go back to the old format of only 1 WC per league.

STEPHAN: Depending on how this question is being asked I will answer in two different ways. YES. I hate the fact that there are two wild card berths anyway. I think they should go back to the old format, where there is only one wild card. It made for better races down the stretch in division winners and wild cards. However, if that is not the change you had in mind when asking this question, then NO- don’t change it again (unless you go back to where we were before)


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