NBA Roundtable: July 22nd

Now that Free Agency’s major storms have blow over, lets start looking over the wastelands that are the NBA roster sheets. Once again, we have EJ and David playing Bird and Magic- If you think you can be Jordan, let us know- or even Barkley. . .

1. What signing made the least sense so far?Tyreke Evans

EJ: Monta Ellis to the Dallas Mavericks. I admittedly am not much of a Monta fan but I do not see the pairing of Dirk and Monta bringing the Mavericks any closer to where they want to be. If there is only one upside to the Monta deal he is ONLY being paid $8 million a season.

David: Whomever signed Monta was gonna be a dumb move- but even worse is Tyreke Evans! A 6’6 PG that can only do 3.5 APG last year? His scoring has decreased EVERY YEAR he has been in the NBA- and you are going to pay him 10M PLUS for the next 4 years? Did we mention that the Pelicans have just traded for Jrue Holiday- Also getting 10M a year for the next 4 years- Oh so maybe you are thinking he can play Shooting Guard, right? Oh wait they have ERIC GORDON- who is on a 4 year 51M deal!

2. When will the Rockets feel that Howard was a Bad Decision!

A) First week of the SeasonNBA Jam
B) All-Star break
C) End of the first season
D) Soon as Harden calls him out
E) Never, they will carve a part for him next to Akeem

EJ: I’ll go with D. As soon as James Harden questions Dwight’s motivations. However, I do think Dwight to the Rockets is a good decision only because the Rockets still have two trade assets in Asik and Lin to upgrade their roster. The team still needs a legit power forward and I have a suggestion: Asik and pieces to the Portland Trailblazers for LaMarcus Aldridge. The Blazers have been looking for a center for ages (and no I do not think recently acquired Robin Lopez is the answer) and the Rockets have one that’s expendable. I doubt it’ll happen but those two GM’s should get on the phone ASAP and talk that one out.

David: Portland needs a Center to take the pressure off LaM. I’m not sure they do that- But Omar already wants out, and I don’t blame him- too bad Bynum signed in Cleveland, as a Verajao/Thompson package might have been interesting- How about a sign and trade with Atlanta to get rid of Lin and upgrade to Teague? The answer here is C. I’m not sure Hardin is going to call him out. But Rockets fans are not stupid- and they know when a player is dogging it. When Houston is starting to hear it from the stands- and they can’t find a third leg, they will start looking at each other next offseason for ways to get out.

3. True or False- Golden State will see a 4 seed or higher with both Bogut and Iggy on the roster?

EJ: True. I can see the Warriors as a 4 seed, and possibly a 2 seed if they manage to be better than the Clippers and win the Pacific Division. The Warriors have made all the right moves and as long as Steph Curry remains healthy (and that is a huge assumption) the Warriors can easily finish in the top half of the Western Conference thanks to their depth.

David: False, Curry has injury issues that can pop-up at any time, as does Bogut lately, and they still need Barnes to find another level. Bogut’s going to have to be moved, and the Warriors need to sell high.

4. Did Bynum make a wise choice?Bynum

EJ: I’m not sure. While I like his fit with the young roster in Cleveland, and his familiarity with Coach Mike Brown, I’m inclined to say that Dallas might have been better for him. Assuming Bynum is healthy enough to play 60 to 70 games this season, playing alongside Dirk would have been beneficial for both players. Also, in Dallas he would have been playing for an owner that would have paid him handsomely once his deal was up.

David: It should have been for one year- but I do like the deal for both sides. If he’s 100%, he becomes a HUGE player in the East with not many teams with the size to combat him and Verajao, and Irving can get him the ball as well as score when that needs to happen. If Cleveland’s wet dreams come true- he becomes the Bosh to the Cav’s next big three.

5. Why is Brandon Jennings unsigned?

EJ: I like Brandon Jennings but he’s hardly a consistent player. I’m sure that scared some teams off. What also scared teams off is that as a restricted free agent, there might be some worry that the Bucks would have matched the deal especially since they’ve let Redick and Ellis walk. I know Brandon wants out of Milwaukee but it looks like his only option is to sign the 1 year qualifying deal, and leave as an unrestricted free agent next offseason.

David: His agent’s a dumbass? He’s not a max player- or even close, but how Tyreke got 40M and Jenning has slipped to a third tier deal is just a fireable offense for an agent. Jennings should have been done before the draft- that day cost him 10M off the total deal easy. I’m not sure where he goes, but he should jump at the next 2-year 16M deal that comes- and hope his agent answers the phone before Teague does.

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  1. I agree with both of you. Monta to Dallas makes no sense at all, but Tyreke to New Orleans makes even less. Are these guys going to be allowed more than one ball? The Rockets should be fine if Howard can develop 1 or 2 “go to” moves on the block. He also will passes well out of the paint. The key here is point guard play. Golden State should become a force in the West. If Curry stays healthy, they’ll surprise some people. Iguodala should be huge. I’ll adopt a wait and see on Bynum. I have no confidence in his commitment or heart. Potential without drive is worthless. I don’t think the Bucks have any intentions of letting Jennings go. The fact that 29 teams have passed on him allows them to keep him on the cheap. him a bargain.

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