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Just another reason to hate him

What up world? It’s your boy EJ back with another edition of The Blog About Nothing. It’s been real hot in Brooklyn. I’ve been on fire all week. Fuego! So, I’mma take that heat off my body and put it in this blog. Heat transfer. Let’s get into it!

Just another reason to hate him
Just another reason to hate him

First off, I’m going to start with a young man who’s actions have been under intense scrutiny. The media has been all over him. Oh I’m not talking about Trayvon Martin or George Zimmerman. Nah, not me chief. I’m talking about Johnny Manziel. Johnny Football! The Texas A&M quarterback, and reigning Heisman trophy winner, has become a bit of a celebrity since hoisting the trophy last December and he’s been seen in some interest places since then. He’s been courtside at the NBA Finals, and he’s been seen in more than a few bars the past few months. The problem is (depending on your point of view) is that he’s only 20 years old. There are people out there who are finding issue with a kid from a privileged background living it up in the intense media and social media spotlight. With the recent allegations that he left the Manning passing camp early due to his partying habits, Johnny was forced to defend himself ad nauseum at the recent Southeastern Conference Media days. Here’s my take on the situation: he’s 20 years old! Yes, the legal drinking age is 21 but I wasn’t a saint and neither is Johnny. Kids tend to drink and party before they are supposed to. Maybe, he should be smarter when it comes to some of the things he posts on Twitter or Instagram but do I have a problem with him “living his life to the fullest?” Not at all. I may have balled on a budget, but at least I balled. Now, it’s Johnny’s turn to live it up and all I have to say to him is: play on playa!!


Sticking with NCAA Football, if you like video games then you better pick up EA Sports NCAA Football 2014 because it will be the last of it’s kind. The NCAA has severed ties with EA Sports due to the Ed O’Bannon lawsuit. O’Bannon, the former UCLA star, and some current players are suing the NCAA for profiting off their likeness in videogames. As someone who loves sports games, I see their point. Yes, their names are not in the games but their measurements are, their attributes are, and the players themselves are a close match to the actual human beings. Although I haven’t purchased NCAA Football 2014 at this time, I know that when I do, #12 of the Michigan Wolverines will be none other than Devin Gardner the starting quarterback. He’s going to be 6’4″ like Devin, he’s going to run and throw like Devin, and his hometown might be listed as Detroit just like Devin.  A full scholarship to a 4 year University is a great accomplishment, and a money saver for an athlete’s family (many of them probably couldn’t afford to go to school otherwise) but the NCAA is profiting unfairly off of these young men’s contributions to the game. To turn around and tell fans, that you’re not using your favorite player in the game, although everything about his play and life is in the graphics, is ludicrous. It’s hypocritcal actually. You expect your players to live up to one code, while both of your hands are stuck the cookie jar! I’m a fan of college sports and videogames so it might hurt me that next year I’ll be playing some generic version of a title I have grown up with but if the NCAA can’t cut the players in on a piece of the pie, then that’s how it’s going to be. It is what it is.Mark Cuban

Moving on from College Football allow me to please tell Mark Cuban to shut the fuck up!!!! I like Cuban’s act at times but pretty often I just wish he’d be like most NBA owners and just sit in his office and write checks. So, why am I mad at Mark this time? This week, Mr. Shark Tank had the nerve to say that the Dallas Mavericks are “in a better spot” for not signing Dwight Howard. Excuse me? Yes, I know right now it seems everyone is just lining up to take shots at Houston’s Rocketman but if Mark really believes the Mavs are in a better spot then he is out of his rabid ass mind. So instead of signing Dwight the Mavs turned their attention to Jose Calderon, Monta Ellis, and Samuel Dalembert among others. Hardly a star cast to put around aging star Dirk Nowitzki. For the second year in a row the Mavs have lost out on the chase for a star (missing out on Dallas native Deron Williams last offseason) and Cuban has made a preposterous statement saying the team was better off. I’m sorry Mark but as loyal as Dirk appears to be, he should be sitting around and looking at the superteams around the league and realizing that if he wants one more shot at a ring he’s going to need to leave Dallas. The Mavs broke up a title winner for the pipedream of building their own superteam and have lost out 2 years in a row. At least last offseason Dallas signed a bunch of players to 1 year deals. This offseason? They have given out longterm deals to crap. Good luck spinning average players into game changers that will support Dirk. It’s not happening Mark and I think the Mavs would be “in a better spot” if he just kept his attention seeking ass away from the microphones.Charlotte Hornets

Finally, something I’m sure that will make the creator of 7poundbag happy the buzz is on it’s way back to Charlotte! The Charlotte Hornets will be once again. Unfortunately, basketball fans are stuck with one more season of the Bobcats before the Hornets name returns to Charlotte for the 2014-2015 season. The Bobcats was a horrible name but fitting for what has been a horrible franchise. When owner George Shinn left Charlotte and moved the team to New Orleans, I felt at the time the NBA should have done what they could to leave the Hornets name with Charlotte. Of course, a few years later that’s exactly what they did when the Sonics move to Oklahoma City and left the Sonics name behind in Seattle. Well, the name left Charlotte but a team returned to the City when Bob Johnson of Black Entertainment Television established a new franchise in the City and being the self-serving genius he was the name Bobcats (get it Bob Johnson … Bobcats!) was bestowed upon the franchise. Well, Bob didn’t know what he was doing and he eventually sold the team to NBA legend Michael Jordan. Unfortunately, as good as MJ was on the court, he’s not been so successful off the court. This team has been plagued by poor coaching, horrible personnel decisions, and all things bad. Until now. The Teal and Purple made fashionable by Alonzo Mourning, Larry Johnson, and the hero of all short people everywhere in Muggsy Bogues is making it’s return to the Queen City.  Do you hear that sound? Do you feel the buzz? Nah, you don’t? Me neither.



PS: Editor’s Note:

Message is, as always Fuck You Kobe
Message is, as always
Fuck You, Kobe

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  1. Apparently Mark Cuban forgot what it took to build a champion. After reaching the pinnacle of success, he dismantles it all in an effort to land Dwight Howard and Deron Williams. To make a statement like “we’re better off” without Howard, makes him sound even more ridiculous. The only thing I can think of more stupid, was Dan Gilbert’s statement that the Cavaliers would win a championship before LeBron.

    As for Michael Jordan, I’ve got 3 words; Kwame Brown twice. Michael has surrounded himself with “yes” men. Noone would dare tell him he’s not doing the right thing. Yesterday he hired his brother. The Bobcats, Hornets, or whatever the want to call themselves, will continue to suck.

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