ManMovie Tournament: Me vs the World

Its Friday! Time for our last major category before we break out the wildcard and your suggestions.

This one is a fun one- I call it “Me vs the World” One Hero, back against the wall, guns and fists flying vs insurmountable odds.

What you might have missed:

Day 1: What is a ManMovie?
Day 2: The Rules
The Categories
Day 3: Crime
Day 4: Sports
Day 5: Sci-Fi
Day 6: Westerns
Day 7: Military/History
Day 8: Growing Up

This one has 7 movies that are in- and 5 that are in the play-in rounds.Sho Nuff

Die-Hard – Yipee-Ki-Yay MuthaFucker!
Enter the Dragon – Bruce Lee entry on the list (no Game of Death Kareem Fans)
Kill Bill – I still love the crazy 88s
The Last Dragon – Sho Nuff vs Bruce LeRoy
– I like it better than First Blood
Shaft – Whats his name?
Taken – Disagree with this and I will find you . . .

The Play-in MoviesBruce Lee

The Dark Knight – The best of all 8 of them
Escape from New York – Kurt Russell’s manliest role since Overboard
The Matrix – Would be higher if not for the shitty sequels
Max Mad – Again, better than the Road Warrior
Missing in Action – We have to have Chuck Norris, right?
V for Vendetta – Underrated, excellent movie

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  1. I love the crazy 88’s too but that scene always leaving me saying the same thing: no way in real life does one person kill so many people in one fight!

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