Letter to “King James”

Tim vs LeBron

Dear King James

No matter what happens now you can do no wrong.

Critics of you including myself can show you the respect that you deserve or really just stumble at every mention of Lebron.

I apologize for thinking you don’t have the heart of a champion (back to back Champion)

I’m sorry for saying that you lack that killer instinct (37 points in game 7)

The Spurs are daring him to shoot the long jumpers (5-10 3pt. shooting performance)

It did not come easy as the veteran Spurs team took you to the brink.

I still do not believe you are better than Jordan or Kobe but you convinced me to put you ahead of all time great Magic Johnson in the 3 spot.

I know you have been waiting for this letter a long time!

Tomas J Lee

P.S. Come to the Lakers in 2014 I might put you ahead of Kobe!

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  1. I still think he’s just the latest–not the greatest. I prefer to think that with a little help from the referees, the Spurs lost it as opposed to the Heat won it.

  2. I’m not sure this is a letter. This sounds like begging and I’m sorry but as a Lakers fan I’m tired of seeing fans and the franchise begging for stars. Been there. Done that and the shit didn’t work.

    Second, let’s get this idea of LeBron to the Lakers out of our heads please! The man has won his rings, and in Pat Riley has someone that will do all that he can to keep the team relevant. If Pat decides to dump Wade and or Bosh then you know players will flock to Miami just to play with LeBron. So why leave a good thing? His star is big enough to not need Los Angeles.

  3. And you would put LeBron ahead of Kobe? How old are you because only some teenager would say some stupid shit like that?

    Kobe brought the franchise 5 rings and you would put LeBron ahead of Kobe?

  4. No it is not begging and I am a huge Lakers Fan, Lakers do not need to beg for players to come play there. I am just simply stating that he has silenced the critics myself included. Secondly, why would you not want him on the Lakers he is the best player on the court on any given night right now! And why would you ever put it past the Lakers a great organization to be able to pull it off? Apparently someone needs to put a gun to your thick skull to understand what begging really is.

    I don’t appreciate your opinion that putting Lebron ahead of Kobe is stupid shit. It’s called stats moron! I am one of the biggest Kobe supporters but your only argument is he has 5 titles? You must be 11 yrs old or at least that’s what your IQ is. Sure Lebron has only won 2 titles but winning 3, 4, or 5 will depend on what the organization does from here on out. His career averages are matched only by the great Oscar Robertson he has 4 MVP’s and he has just as many Finals MVP’s oh and BTW he is only 29 years old! I still put Kobe in front of Lebron right now but that does not mean that there isn’t a very good argument that he could be number 2. I am also assuming your 11 year old IQ is putting Jordan as the greatest ever but who knows your narrow minded ass may be putting Wilt as the greatest ever! Which isn’t to say you’d be wrong just don’t try to force your ignorant opinion on others while trying to put them down it only makes you look ignorant.

    Great comment really stirred me up! Keep it coming.

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