ManMovie Tournament: Growing Up

Sorry we took the day off Yesterday, but we still have 3 categories to go!
Let me make it up to you by giving the category with 2 of the most iconic images in movie History!
Don’t forget Monday I am going to bring you the Wildcard- the final category, and all your suggestions with the Also-rans!

Day 1: What is a ManMovie?
Day 2: The Rules
The Categories
Day 3: Crime
Day 4: Sports
Day 5: Sci-Fi
Day 6: Westerns
Day 7: Military/History

Today we breakout the Grown-Up Category.

This one is almost a combo category, Men that need to grow up and Men growing up. This all has to do with Men finding their Path.

This is a 10 movie category, split down the middle.

The 5 that are inPhoebe

Animal House – Gotta love this movie, and it ages better than it should.
Fast times a Ridgemont High – I’m not that huge into it, maybe I was too young for Phoebe Cates?
Rebel Without a Cause – James Deen. All I’m saying (no Giant pleading)
Risky Business – I must have seen this movie at perfect age, and this has a scene that is STILL being called back.
Swingers – I found this movie WILDLY overrated, But I did see it when I was almost 40. Maybe I’m getting too old?

The 5 Play-in moviesRisky Business

American Beauty – I love Kevin Spacy, but I never really “got” this movie
City Slickers – A research pick, but a good movie either way
Ferris Beuller – Who’s hotter- Sloan or Phoebe? To me, this movie gets better with time.
Grown Ups – Better than it had any right to be, again a research pick.
Hangover – A very good movie getting tarnished by the day- and by the sequel. But it has MIKE TYSON


So today Let me ask you- What is the most Iconic Image in this category? To say nothing of Cruise’s goofy grin or the “College” Bluto – or the Rose Petal Drop of Beauty?



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