The Espys- Part 1

ESPYWelcome to part 1 of the ESPY Preview!

ESPN is obviously bored, and who can blame them, but Thats not gonna stop us from making picks on this red-carpet glad-handing fetish party.

We have this split into 2 parts, since there are a TON of awards, and we are not doing them all.

I’m not doing:
Best Male/Female Athlete with a Disability
When ESPN shows this in PrimeTime, I’ll care, till then? Don’t pander while LeBron is taking a smoke break ok?

Lets kick this off, and we are going to be predicting who SHOULD win, and who WILL win.

Best Male College Athlete


  • Trey Burke – Michigan Basketball, Kyle Dake – Cornell Wrestling, Drew LeBlanc – St. Cloud State University Hockey, Johnny Manziel – Texas A&M Football

Should Win:Johnny Manziel

EJ: I happened to catch the NCAA wrestling championships and that Kyle Dake guy looked dominant as hell in winning his 4th NCAA title in his 4th different weight class. Just because I saw that and he appears to be a huge underdog in this category I think he should win. However…

David: I’m also taking Dake here- by far he should win, the most dominant player in the NCAA this year.

Will Win:

EJ: Johnny Manziel will win Best Male College Athlete. He won the freakin’ Heisman and College football runs College sports.

David: Dake has no Chance. Much as people may hate on Texas A&M, and I’m not sure Manziel should win, but Trey Burke isn’t going to take this.

Best Female College Athlete

  • Kara Cannizzaro – UNC Lacrosse, Crystal Dunn – UNC Soccer, Brittney Griner – Baylor Women’s Basketball, Keilani Ricketts – Oklahoma Softball

Should Win:

EJ: If you read the first couple blogs of my blog, The Blog About Nothing, then you know I have a bit of an obsession with all things Brittney Griner. That girl was dominant as all hell at Baylor University and it can’t be anyone else but her to win this award.

David: As dominant as Brittney was, Crystal Dunn was better. Even though most people don’t even know NCAA chick soccer exists.

Will Win:Crystal Dunn

EJ: After all the love I showed Brittney in The Blog About Nothing, I am confident she will win this award.

David: Brittney, obviously.

Best Male Action Sports Athlete

  • Pedro Barros – Skateboarding, Nyjah Huston – Skateboarding, Mark McMorris – Snowboarding, Ryan Villopoto – Motocross

Should Win:

EJ: Nyjah Huston. Kid is dominant in that Street League skateboarding.

David: Could not tell them apart if they cut me off in traffic. Don’t care

Will Win:

EJ: Nyjah Huston. Street League and X-Games are all over ESPN and Nyjah has been having a dominant year.

David: Uh, I’ll take Mark Morris, just because its possible there is a split vote and. . .I’ll be back the popcorn is done.

Best Driver

Ryan Hunter-Reay – IndyCar, Tony Kanaan – IndyCar, Brad Keselowski – NASCAR, Sebastian Vettel – Formula One

Should Win:Danica Patrick

EJ: I’m a bit of an Anglophile and lover of most things European so I’m going with Formula One champion Sebastian Vettel.

David: Danica Patrick . . . What? Isn’t she the best?

Will Win:

EJ: Brad Keselowski. This is the United States of America. NASCAR country.

David: Uh, the Nascar guy.

Best Coach/Manager

  • Bruce Arians – Indianapolis Colts/Arizona Cardinals, Geno Auriemma – UConn women’s basketball, John Danowski – Duke lacrosse, Rick Pitino – Louisville men’s basketball, Erik Spoelstra – Miami Heat

Should Win:

EJ: Bruce Arians. The job he did in subbing for Chuck Pagano while he was out fighting cancer was inspiring. #ChuckStrong

David: #ChuckStrong!

Will Win:

EJ: Erik Spoelstra. ESPN is all LeBron and the Miami Heat all the time.

David: I’m still taking Chuck. Spo isn’t as thought of as the genius as he deserves, but anyone and everyone knows what Chuck did. By the Way Fuck Pitino Hashtag that!

Best Fighter

  • Canelo Alvarez – Boxing, Danny Garcia – Boxing, Jon “Bones” Jones – MMA, Floyd Mayweather Jr. – Boxing, Anderson Silva – MMA

Should Win:Jon Jones

EJ: I would have gone with Anderson Silva but his little showboating loss hurts him here. I’m not a MMA guy but I’ll go with Jon “Bones” Jones. He’s young, he’s cool, and he seems like the type of guy ESPN can showcase.

David: No love for CAIN or Bendo? I gives a damn about Boxing, I’m sorry to say. When was the cutoff for this, does the Anderson loss count? I’ll take Jon Jones, but Bendo should be here.

Will Win:

EJ: Floyd Mayweather Jr. He doesn’t deserve it but he’s Floyd, he’s Money, and he’s a name that most Americans recognize. If the ESPY’s is about name recognition and ratings then it’s hard to not go with Floyd.

David: Again, Its Floyd’s to lose. Jones should be more popular, but for some reason he just isn’t that STAR that he should be, part of it is his personality, part of it is he comes off as a bit of an ass. Anderson could take it, but he is an ASS. Next year, can we get BENDO in here?

Best Bowler

  • Jason BelmonteScott Norton-Pete Weber

Should Win:

EJ: As someone who has been bowling since the age of 5, and won more than my fair share of trophies this is a category near and dear to my heart. My idol? None other than Peter Dick Weber. He should win and guess what? I think he will win.

David: Scott Norton is a wrestler in WCW, Weber is a grill- WTF?? I might look at Belmonte.

Will Win:

EJ: Give it up for Peter Dick Weber ladies and gentleman! P.D.W. he deserves the damn thing and if he doesn’t get it, he’s going to bum rush the stage and tell the whole crowd to “suck it!”

David: In truth, Pete Weber I have heard of. Bathroom break!

Best Male US Olympian

  • Ashton Eaton – Athletics , Ryan Lochte – Swimming, Michael Phelps – Swimming

Should win:

EJ: Michael Phelps. All he does is win medals.

David: Since Lebron isn’t nominated- Its the pothead

Will win:

EJ: Michael Phelps. Too many medals to turn down. Plus he’s a name.

David: Biggest lock of the night.

Best Female US Olympian

  • Gabby Douglas – Gymnastics, Missy Franklin – Swimming, Aly Raisman – Gymnastics

Should Win:Gabby Douglas

EJ: Missy Franklin. She was a cool story this past Olympics and the fact that she past up millions to return to her high school swimming team and to go to College makes her pretty cool with me.

David: Gabby Douglas. Its a popularity contest.

Will win:

EJ: Gabby Douglas. I try to leave race out of most sports discussions but lets be honest. She’s the first African-American woman to win the All-Around competition. That’s historic. History is why she will win this ESPY.

David: I’m not calling Race, but bottom line, she takes this one easy.

Best International Athlete

Usain Bolt – Sprinter, Novak Djokovic – Tennis, Juan Manuel Marquez – Boxing, Lionel Messi – Soccer, Cristiano Ronaldo – Soccer

Should Win:

EJ: As much as a fan I am of former Manchester United star (and current Real Madrid star) Cristiano Ronaldo, it’s hard for me to see him winning this award over Lionel Messi. Once again Messi was recognized as the best player in his game, and once again Barcelona won La Liga over Cristiano’s Real Madrid.

David: Usain Bolt

Will Win:

EJ: Lionel Messi. Know that as a Manchester United fan I hate all things Barcelona and as a fan of the English National Team I hate all things Argentina but Lionel had another class year and he deserves the ESPY. As hard as it is for me to type that.

David: Usain Bolt

Best WNBA Player

  • Tamika Catchings – Indiana Fever, Tina Charles – Connecticut Sun, Angel McCoughtry – Atlanta Dream, Candace Parker – Los Angeles Sparks, Lindsay Whalen – Minnesota Lynx

Should Win:

EJ: Candace Parker? Not sure who to go with here.

David: Uh, Catchings seems like she had a great year.

Will Win:

EJ: Once again not sure how to read this category so I’ll go with Candace Parker.

David: I’ll take Parker here- seems like she is from the bigger market and is by FAR the biggest name- until next year.

Well thats our part 1 picks, tomorrow part 2!

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  1. I should have mentioned that my bowling ball is a Storm PDW. Which of course stands for Peter Dick Weber.

  2. We both got some wrong. A little surprised at Usain Bolt over Lionel Messi. Then again it is a fan vote and Usain is extremely popular. I like Usain myself even if he ran so fast in the 2008 Olympics it took me about 3 minutes to realize that Richard Thompson, of Trinidad and Tobago by the way (shout out to my Trinis!) finished 2nd with the Silver in the 100 meters.

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