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Welcome to Day 7 of the ManMovie tournament!

In case you missed it. Braveheart

Day 1: What is a ManMovie?
Day 2: The Rules
Day 3: Category – Crime
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Day 5: Sci-Fi
Day 6: Westerns

Today is yet another STRONG category, the Military History category:

The 9 that are in:

300 – THIS IS A MANMOVIE!! Or I’ll throw you in the hole!
Braveheart – Awesome casting, and he speaks FRENCH!!
The Dirty Dozen  – Forget Oceans 11. This is a MANCAST
Das Boot – Trust me, just watch this classic
Patton – Question me on this one and I’ll slap you myself!!
Saving Private Ryan – There are few movies where you are allowed to cry, this movie is one of them.
Spartacus – Even better than the TV show.
Top Gun – Pour a 40 out for Goose, will ya?

The Play-in Movies


Apocalypse Now – Go ahead, question this one.
Casablanca – I don’t see it, but its on the list.
Full Metal Jacket – If they ended it with Pvt Pyle – this would be a one-seed.
Gladiator – Our other excellence in Rome feature!
Glory – Never thought you’d see Matthew Broderick on this, did ya??
Platoon – Gotta be here, right?



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  1. Patton! Yes. I knew Patton had to be on here. Now, I’m going to go home and throw that in the DVD player.

  2. Great list but where is Lawrence of Arabia? It’s historical. It’s the story of Thomas Edward Lawrence and his impact on the Arab Revolt against the Turks. It has battles and everything and it’s just as popular culturally as most of the movies listed. C’mon son!

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