MMA Roundtable: July 12th

Welcome to the MMA Roundtable! In the Red Corner, speaking more languages than Dana has Hair, Roni! In this corner, barely able to spell his name right, David! Lets get ready to Discuuuuuuuussssss!

1. Thoughts on the Anderson Silva/Weidman fight? Lets get it out of the way first.Anderson vs Weidman

Roni: IMO Silva got tired of holding the belt.

The constant pressure of keep winning, constant line of contenders calling him out, talking trash so they get noticed… it just wore him out.

He is also set financially. He conquered all his dreams. Outside of fighting, he moved to US with his family; built his own gym (an old dream of his) and is also starting a movie career. It is simply obvious he’s not that hungry anymore. And without that drive to prove he’s the best, I mean, at some point, he simply lost the thrill of being the champ.

The world already knows he is  an elite  fighter, in any GOAT conversation , if not at the top, at least top 3!

So all in all, I don’t think there’s anything holding him to MMA anymore. There is a time for everyone where they will simply stop and say “it’s not worth the aggravation anymore!” I think Silva reach that point.

IMO he didn’t lose on purpose. But he played more than he would have and got caught. His demeanor was more “Curse it! if I lose, I lose”.

If he would have won, he would shrug it off and run through the motions until next fight. And the only thing that kept him hones, was that he probably would die before losing to Sonnen. But a Nice guy like Weidman? no problem!

David: I made my feelings here but let me say Anderson is not done. He’s not stupid. He has clowned with almost every opponent since Hendo. If he was going to quit. The better way to do it was to lay the belt down after TKFO Weidman, and saying I’m not coming back until I face GSP, if I have to goto 170, I will, and leave. Dana would gladly burn the 8 fights left on his contract for that bout. He could take time off to drop to 177 (or 170) let GSP face Hendricks and win or lose- open Texas Stadium to MMA.


2. Bigger Upset: GSP/Serra or Weidman/Andy

Roni: I think GSP/Serra.

Not because GSP was considered as big as he is now; but because no one thought Serra had a prayer in that fight.

In Weidman, people (at least) knew he posed danger to Silva…even though the way the fight end was most unexpected.

David: Depends on how long he holds the belt. Remember we thought that Frankie’s upset of Penn was a huge matter and blip on the screen when it first happened. I’ll take GSP on the surface. Serra won his title shot beating other has-beens and never-weres on TUF4. Chris Lytle, Patrick  Cote and Rich Clementi were the only ones to even have a job in the UFC in the months after that show.

3. Who do you want to see next for Weidman and Andy?Weidman

Roni: Weidman & Vitor.  Vitor deserves to be the next in line.  but obviously it will be a rematch with Silva (if AS wants it).

As for Silva, I hope he moves to 205 switching places with Machida. Silva might get revitalized with the new challenges while Machida might bring a new level of excitement to the MW division.

David: I’d love to see Belfort get passed over just because he’s being an ass. How about Munoz just for fun? For Andy, I want Bisping.

4. Where do you place Cub right now?

Roni: He should be fourth. Aldo, Lamas, Frankie then Cub (though probably second in line when talking about title shots).

David: I’m gonna agree there. I’m almost more excited to see Cub take Aldo and Lamas to fight Frankie than any other matchup among the 4.

5. Frankie looked really good, even though my PPV carrier blanked out on the last two rounds- I only saw the first 3, but where does he go from here?

Roni: He should stay at FW. The fight was very competitive. Maybe a showdown with Lamas for the next contender spot? (However much it is worth seeing that Pettis will probably be next for the title shot if he stays at FW).

David: If you have the last 2 rounds let me know, I can’t find them online. I’d like to see him face Pettis is Lamas turns down the fight.

6. Mark Munoz looked like a BEAST- How far up do you move him?Mark Munoz

Roni: He should be on Top 6-10 spot. A win over a top 5 could propel him within title shot picture. but even though I believe when he say his last fight against Weidman he was not himself, he can’t deny that he has to prove he can fight always like the guy who defeated Tim and prove that the guy who lost to Weidman is gone.

BTW, it is nice to see him back! I like him and it seems he found his hunger once again! Let us hope the hunger is for fighting, not for food! 🙂

David: I could make a case for 5. Weidman, Andy, Belfort, and . . .Okami? Jacare? He’s in that next tier.

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