ManMovie Tournament V: The Sci-Fi Category

My Name is . . uh. . .

Its Day V. So welcome to the ManMovie Tournament, don’t forget to join the Facebook group for all things ManMovie

Day 1: What is a ManMovie?
Day 2: The Rules
Day 3: Category – Crime
Day 4: Category – Sports

Today, one of the more controversial categories, Sci-Fi. I’m sure I’m gonna get ripped for not adding a three-boobed alien in Total Recall.

My Name is . . uh.  . .
My Name is . . uh. . .

What’s really gonna get me nailed to the wall is the one movie per franchise rule. I have Star Wars, Terminator, Predator and the Aliens franchise here. I’m sure I won’t go 4 for 4 here- even though I did take some input from the sites I researched. Then we have Bond, James Bond. I have only seen 2 Bond movies start to finish, and bits of others. I included 1 here, but to my defense, not many were mentioned- if any were, in my digging. Dr No was the most mentioned, followed by Man with the Golden Gun and Skyfall. So without further ado, let’s go through the SCI-FI and its 9 entries. I still wanted to put Ice Pirates in here, but decided against it.

Aliens – I had a hard time between 1 and 2, but 2 has the Hotter Sigorney.
Dr No – Our Bond Rep. I put it here instead of crime because of the toys. Possible error on my part.
Empire Strikes Back – As I’ve gotten older, if liked Star Wars less and less, but Empire still the best of the 7 movies.
Highlander – Sean Connery, Swordplay, hot redheads, excellent movie.
T2 – One of the few sequels to FAR exceed the original. But there are 3 in this Journey
Young Frankenstein – Went here over Spaceballs. Kidding.

Play-in BracketT2

Blade Runner – Had a hard time here. Is it a solid movie or just a guy movie?
Iron Man – Again, Man Movie or just the second best Marvel Movie? (Man-Thing)
Predator – I ain’t got time to explain why this belongs.

Thats it for this week, please come back next monday, where I will reveal the remaining 5 categories, Thursday I take your suggestions to task, and Friday, we start knocking off movies!

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  1. No Conan the Barbarian? Seriously? I know we’ve got Arnold in with Terminator already, but Conan is manly man Arnie at his best.

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