Top 10: What is the big News Accouncement from UFC/Ariel

Dana White stated there was going to be a HUGE announcement in the Post UFC 162 news conference.

Ariel Helwani has stated He is going to drop a HUGE MEGA-BOMB ANNOUCEMENT TODAY on the MMA Hour.

Investigative reporting from 7poundbag has discovered what this news is, see it here FIRST. UFC Ariel

So . . . the Top Ten

10. BJ Penn has unretired, and wants to fight Chris Weidman.

9.  Tito Ortiz has signed with Bellator after finishing his contract, clearing 2 hurdles finally. 1) His 205 tourney is a weak as King Mo’s 2) He gets paid in cash in non-sequential, unmarked bills. He is expected to face Bob Sapp at Bellator 102

8. Jay-Z has signed Jon Jones to Roc Nation Sports

7. Delayed till next Tuesday (TM Jason Whitlock)

6. Metta World Peace has signed with the UFC, and wants to fight Anderson Silva

5. The UFC has purchased Nick Diaz’s War MMA for $4.20, and the final show will be broadcast on Bravo, commentators will be Skip Bayless and Herm Edwards.

4. An unnamed source that may or may not be accurate has mumbled a few syllables that could be construed to infer that Hector Lombard is considering making a preliminary study on potentially moving to a weight class, at this time undetermined but possible 170, but 185 is not out of the question, as is 205, not to mention 135.

3. Roy Nelson has been busted for Horse Steroids, Nelson has blamed Overeem for this incident. Ariel Helwani

2. Dana White had paid Anderson Silva’s 600K purse from UFC 162 with 30 trucks full of nickels.

1. The State of New York as decided to allow MMA, but only if Phil Baroni gets a title shot against GSP.

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  1. I’m not a MMA fan but #8 would be cool. I might watch an MMA event with Jay-Z and Jon Bones Jones.

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