NFL Roundtable: July 11th Edition!

Welcome to the NFL Roundtable! This week we have EJ and David going at it about Hernandez, Pittsburgh,  unsigned Tackles, Best division and the Cowboys Mount Rushmore!

1. The Patriots are giving away free swaps on Hernandez jerseys, Major props to them, but should teams look into doing this more often? (Trades/FA Losses?)ne-patriots-helmet

EJ: The Hernandez situation is a special one. I don’t think teams can afford to do what the Patriots are doing if they made these jersey swaps a normal occurrence. It would be a nice move for the fans, but a losing one for the franchises.

David: I thoroughly endorse doing this,  the Panthers should have done this with He-Should-Not-be-Named. I almost wonder if the Ravens considered this with Ray Lewis, and the Giants when they had issues with the team Sharpshooter. I wonder where you draw the line. I don’t see this being very common, and I don’t see if ever happening for a trade or a free agent defection. It would be nice to see teams like the Lakers give trade-in credit on a Howard Jersey.

2. Pittsburgh is changing the offense to a more ball control style, how do you think this will impact Big Ben this year?Pittsburgh Steelers

EJ: Hopefully this shift in offense will keep Big Ben healthy. Adding a running game should limit teams from going all out to destroy Big Ben. It’s been awhile Rothlisberger has played a 16 game season and if the Steelers are going to contend in the AFC they are going to need him for a full season (yes I know this is a captain obvious statement!).

David: Big Bens taken a good bit of punishment over the years, and a smaller man might have been having problems staying in one piece, let alone starting at QB. Part of Big Ben’s game is staying back there like a MAN and taking the hit to give the wideouts every second to get open. Learning to throw the ball away is gonna take time.

3. Denver’s Ryan Clady and Kansas City’s Branden Albert are both tagged and unhappy, who gets signed by the 15th if either, and can you see either of them holding out?den-broncos-Helmet

EJ: I can see Denver breaking down and paying Clady because they are going to need him to keep Peyton Manning’s blindside safe. The Chiefs are in a different situation because of #1 overall pick Eric Fisher. Fisher could be playing right tackle for a season if Albert comes back, but the Chiefs can afford to play hardball because of Fisher’s presence. For that reason I can see Albert holding out.

David: Clady is going to sign first, but Albert is going to wait almost till the last minute but sign for longer if he’s not traded by then. Manning has a VERY tight window, and Clady sitting at home watching him on TV is not going to help anyone.

4. CBS Sports Ranked the AFC WEST as the best division in Football- Agree?San Deigo Chargers

David: Let me go first and end this quick. They ranked the NFC South 4th. End credibility. The NFCS had 3 teams go 7-9, and thats with one team using a 3rd string HC, one with a cruddy OC thats finally gone and another team breaking in a new coach. Explain to me how the Raiders are better than any of them, and let me state again that Manning, for all the accolades, did no better than TEBOW when it mattered, so don’t ding Ryan too hard, ok? Its a QB league- so Brees/Ryan/Cam/Josh vs Manning/Rivers and uh, Pryor and Smith?

EJ: I’m inclined to agree with CBS Sports. Why? The Broncos should win the division but the Chiefs should be much improved this season as long as they can stay healthy. The Chargers could be improved if Phillip Rivers turns in a solid season and the Raiders might finish last in the division, but even they aren’t that bad. It’s a strong division but I have to agree with David as well that the NFC South should not be the 4th best division. That just sounds wrong.

5. went WAY out on the ledge and did a Dallas Cowboys Mount Rushmore with Tom Landry, Jerry Jones, Roger Staubach and Emmitt Smith. Thoughts?Dallas Cowboys

EJ: I know the Cowboys are Jerry’s team but I have a problem with him on a Cowboys Mount Rushmore. I have no issues with Tom Landry, Roger Staubach and Emmitt Smith but for some reason I’m inclined to put up Troy Aikman over Jerry Jones.

David: I don’t like Sideline people being compared to players. Landry ground to a halt after several decades of greatness, Jerry Jones has stunk it up the last few years, and players don’t get the luxery of stinking for half their careers but hitting it big a few times and being great. Lets compare the rings of Johnson and Landry- and I’ll leave it at that. First off, I’m gonna take off Jones and Staubach and I’m going with LILLY and LARRY ALLEN. I know people love the QB/WR/RB, if you go just on resume’s they belong before those two, and if not for Larry- Emmitts not there. Oh, and if we get to use just the players? We are going Randy White- NOT Aikman.

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  1. Randy White is a good choice. I likely let my youth (31) get in the way of that Cowboys answer.

    I guess you don’t like Alex Smith.

    Rae Carruth. Rae Carruth. Rae Carruth.

  2. HWSNBN is more disgusting than Aaron and OJ combined.

    Tell me what Alex Smith has done to prove he’s better than Cam or Josh- Cause he SURE AS HELL ain’t good as Drew and Matt when you look as the resume.

  3. Although I named HWSNBN you’re right. What he did was far more disgusting and the Panthers likely missed a good opportunity to do what the Patriots just did. They would have been more than justified in a jersey swap operation.

    It’s not that I think Alex is better than any QB in the NFC South, it’s that I think the Chiefs were better than their record. They had a ton of injuries, and lost some key contributors for a large stretch. If they’re healthier and Alex continues being a game manager then I really think the Chiefs have a good shot at the playoffs.

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