ManMovie Tournament part IV: The Sports Category

Welcome to Part 4 of the ManMovie tournament

1. The Concept
2. The Categories
3. Crime
4. Today: Sports

Sports might be the Manliness thing in the movies, since we can’t do Porn.Feild of Dreams

This category has 12 movies our second largest category, and features some real hardasses.

Again I will reveal the ones that are in, and the these that are in the play-in.


Bull Durham – How many baseball movies can we have?
Caddyshack – One of the funniest movies ever
Field of dreams – One of the few movies in this tourney where you can cry.
Hoosiers – One of Hackman’s best roles, if we get rid of the women, this movie is dang near perfect.
The Hustler – Gotta have this one, right?
The Natural – I’m not that big a fan of this one, but it kinda has to be on the list.
Raging Bull – All time classic
Rocky – I tend to like Rocky 3 the most, but this one is the overwhelming favorite in my research.
Rounders – One of the worst girlfriends in one of the best movies ever.
Slapshot – On every list- and knocks out the Mighty Ducks as the hockey rep.

The Play-in MoviesHoosiers

Rudy – See? Even with my ND Bias, I’m fair
White Men can’t Jump  – Rosie really hurts this movie.
The Wrestler – Unsure on this, but felt it deserved it.

Got a favorite? Did I miss a sport? Let me know, and join the Facegroup for the ManMovies!

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