ManMovies Category I: The Crime

Welcome to part III of the ManMovies Bracket!

Part 1: What is a Man Movie?

Part 2: Rules and Categories


This category will almost certainly have its own bracket, what I will do to avoid having one “type” of ManMovie sweep the finals.

So what I am going to do, is list the 18 Crime Movies, and five of these are in the “play in” bracket.

I’m going to give a short description of them here, when the final 64 is determined, I’m going randomize them, so no whining if Cool Hand Luke is facing Pulp Fiction, ok?Cool Hand Luke

The 13 ones that are “in”

Boondock Saints – I only recently saw this one, thought it was awesome, and I’ve still got the sequel in the player, but I haven’t watched it yet. Good Old-Fashioned Irish beat-downs! Hurrah!
Cool Hand Luke – If you argue the placement here- then what we have here is a Failure to Communicate!
Dirty Harry – You knew this one was gonna be here.
Death Wish – Bronson is the man- I almost want to rig this so Dirty Harry and Death Wish face off.
Gangs of New York – This one almost hit the also-ran list. The Butcher is a MAN though, plus we have Liam.
Godfather – Ifyou question this one, you will sleep with the fishes.
Goodfellas – A personal favorite, almost a flawless movie.
Lethal Weapon – Ignore the sequels that go downhill, the original is a classic.
Pulp Fiction – I personally find this one overrated,  but Sam Jackson is a classic MAN character.
Reservoir Dogs – One of the few times a man can dance and terrify at the same time.
Scarface – A bigger one seed than the all-80s North Carolina squad.
Shawshank Redemption – One of the few times where the movie exceeded the book.
Warriors – I really didn’t like this movie, but almost every search had this one up high.

The the five on the play-in round:Blues Brothers
12 Angry Men – A dozen guys arguing over the life of another?
Blues Brothers – If you don’t know how far it is to Chicago, then don’t vote in this, ok?
Cop Out – Adam insisted this be included.
The Great Escape – The last one I listed in the also rans, but a great movie
Untouchables – Really good movie, and Costner has a few on this list, but this is the token Mod rep on this side.


PS: I have created a Facebook group for all ManMovies

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