MLB RT July 9, 2013

Welcome to the  MLB Roundtable, where Archie and Stephan talk All-Star Game, HR Derby and roster spots?

If you can play third, let us know!

1. Which team has the most Dr. Jeckyll / Mr. Hyde thing going on?

San Diego Padres

ARCHIE: This has got to be the San Diego Padres IMO. During the middle of June they SWEPT the Braves and D’Backs in back to back series and now they just lost their 10th game in a row. Talking about good to bad…..I don’t see any team being so Jeckyll/Hyde  as the Padres.

STEPHAN: I think it is the New York Yankees. They started off the season red hot, and playing very good baseball. They were able to withstand numerous injuries to some of their star players, and still remained competitive. Then they hit a speed bump, and fell all the way to fourth place in the AL East. Since that time, they won 6 out of the last 8 games, including a six game win streak that puts them back on the map. I have no idea what to make of the Yankees this season. They look down and out at times, but you can never count them out

2. Last week we had pretty much given up on the Dodgers, they trade for Nolasco, will they make the playoffs.

ARCHIE: Honestly, we may have written them off too soon. Not so much for their stellar performance but mostly due to the lack of anything good happening in the NL West. The Giants and Rockies have went into the toilet the last few series and now neither of them is over the .500 mark. In the last three weeks the Giants have gone from 1.5 games off the lead and 4 games over .500 to 8 games under and 6.5 games back. During the same stretch, the Rockies have not taken advantage by going 8 – 17 their last 25 games. The Dodgers however are playing better and traded for Nolasco to help with starting pitching. The only thing now is that Kemp just went on the DL. I still have them on the outside looking in as far as making the playoffs however.

STEPHAN: They are improved, but not to the point of making the playoffs. I still think the West winner will be Arizona, and the Wild Card is likely going to come out of the Central. You cannot count out the Dodgers though, if Greinke can pitch like he has the past couple outings, and they stay injury free the rest of the way, there is a chance after the dismal start.

3. Puig or Freeman for the last spot on the NL roster?

ARCHIE: This is a no-brainer for me. EVEN IF it was not a Braves player he was pitted against, I would still vote for the next guy that has been in the league for more than a month. I cannot and will not vote for Puig this  year based on his short sample size and the fact he needs to pay his dues before getting a **ALL STAR** label above his name in So, Freeman, Freeman, Freeman…..

STEPHAN: Popular choice is by far Puig, but the smart money is Freddie Freeman. He deserves the spot after stellar play the entire season both offensively and defensively. Puig has only played for a month, and while is showing signs he is the next big thing. He has not proven himself over the long haul.

4. Is the Homerun Derby actually entertaining or has it become a joke?Baseball

ARCHIE: The event has gotten to the point I don’t even watch it anymore. Ihave never been greatly entertained by the event and now with selections like David Wright as NL Captain; phtttt… give me a break. I like David Wright as a player just fine. But just because the event is in Citi Field in NY this year does not mean that he should be the Home Run Derby Captain for the NL. And the fact that he did not choose Goldschmidt or Alvarez is quite disappointing as well.

STEPHANThe HR Derby is what it is. It is for entertainment purposes only. People love to watch Home Runs being hit, and for some they can travel a very long distance. Is it a joke? No, but I do wish more stars would participate. I am actually looking forward on watching Chris Davis this season participate in the derby, and am picking him to win it

5. Should the ASG decide Home field advantage for the World Series?

ARCHIE: Even though I think the NL will win this year , I still say “Hell to the No”. I for one am sick of the whole business of trying to make the summer classic relevant by allowing this one game fiasco decide home field advantage for the World Series. I had rather have the best record in all of MLB decide home field than to have two Coaches that may or may not be in the post season making decision that could possibly affect my team in the post season.

STEPHAN: YES YES YES a hundred times YES. Before the “tie” in Milwaukee several years ago, no one really cared about the All Star game. You would see stars sit out and rest while the “not so All Stars” would play the game and play a meaningless game at that. Now that the teams in the hunt have something to play for, it makes the game a whole lot more interesting.  The game means something now, and they are actually playing for stakes, not just a fan spectacle.

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  1. I would like to counter point Stephan’s answer to the ASG.

    The NFL Pro Bowl means nothing to the rest of the league.
    The NBA All Star game means NOTHING to the rest of the league play.
    The MLB All Star Game should again mean NOTHING to the rest of the league. It is what it is. A break for a couple of days for teams to reset and let the fans have a look at the stars of the league. And Oh, btw, it is the stars that the fans voted for. A popularity contest. Due to this way of selection, it should NOT have any bearing on which side has home field advantage during the World Series when only Two of the teams will be represented.

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