ManMovie Tournament Part II: The Categories and the Rules of Manliness!

Welcome to the ManMovie Tournament

Day 1: Introduction

So after some serious googling, yahooing and binging, and showing the list to several people, I have gotten a master list of 82 movies.

Yes 82. (Damn you Adam!)

I need to whittle this down to 64, so 18 have to go.  So what I am going to do is throw out 4 lists of 6 each, kind of a play-in game, and the top 2 vote getters move on.

First the ground rules for the 82.Godfather

No blatant horror movies. Much as Saw might belong on this list, I just can’t slap them up there. I’ll save them for next time.

Only 1 movie in a series. I’m taking the best of the series, I don’t care how much you love Batman begins, its not even close to Dark Knight, so it makes it as the representative. Sorry Godfather II and Rocky III.

I’m also limiting the amount of John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and QT. Also I’m only taking one (1) Bond movie.

Speaking of, I’m counting Kill Bill as 1 movie.

No documentaries.

No Porn (Sorry Tom)

Everyone clear on the Rules?

Now the categories.

1. Crime: 17 Movies.
Almost guaranteed to get its own Bracket, the Crime Category is the home of Goodfellas, Godfather and ReservoirDogs, as well as the Blues Brothers and Dirty Harry. This is why I have brackets so N. Carolina and Duke don’t end up in the finals.reservoir dogs

2. Sports 12 movies.
We gotta have a sports category right?
Not only do we have Rocky, Caddyshack and Field of Dreams, but Rudy and Rounders.

3. Growing up 10 Movies
Risky Business, Swingers and Rebel without a Cause find homes here. I’m still debating  Hangover as a play-in candidate, but we do need Tyson, right?

4. Sci-FI 9 movies
Predator vs T2 vs Aliens. Mr Bonds entry also resides here (Dr No) even though I can be talked out of it. How about Highlander vs Iron Man?

5. Western 7 movies
We all know this is John Wayne vs Clint Eastwood right? Well we also have Indiana Jones and Blazing Saddles here.

6. Military/History 11 movies
My combo category, we have Patton, Braveheart, 300 and I am Spartacus!

7. MvtW 11 Movies
This category I’m calling Me vs the World, where we get Rambo, Die Hard, Missing in action and Kill Bill

8 Wildcard 8 moviesbullitt
Had problems here, I didn’t want a Wildcard- but where do you put Streetcar Named Desire? Chinatown? Bullet? Vertigo?

So that’s the category list, Tomorrow, we start things off with the ACC of this tournament- the CRIME Category!

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  1. Because I mentioned it on the Military History movie category I have my fingers crossed for Lawrence of Arabia to make the wildcard category. It’s a man movie.

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