Post UFC 162 thoughts

Well, this have been a great event, with a surprising ending!ufc 162

Here’s what I take with me from this event.

Please note that I won’t speak for every fighter; just the ones that (IMO) impressed me most or disappointed me most!

I’ll start with the undercard (FX)

Edson Barboza – What can i say about this guy? Two fights he ends with his leg Kicks! By the end of the first round, I don’t think anyone could hear a leg kick hitting poor Rafaello without wincing in pain!
One prospect fight that gets me excited would be him against Aldo (who can forget what he did to Urijah Faber’s legs?). That would be the battle for leg-kick Sovereignty!!!

Gabriel Gonzaga – he is the seesaw of MMA. His win over Cro Cop made his name known and very easy to Hype. But then he lose to all top guys and falls down. Then he wins spectacularly, and is up again… Now he was down, and fought (?) Pee-Wee. 20 seconds later, he is again on his way to main card… I hope Zuffa learns not to bring their hopes up too fast! he’s good while fighting up to “top-Mid-tier fighters. But please keep him out of fighting top 10 guys!

Chris Leben – He reminds me those old day’s Zombies. I mean those slow moving creatures, not the later version that can run. Gosh, Chris was slow! Don’t get me wrong, I love the fighter’s spirit in him, but he can’t win nowadays only counting on guys getting him in trouble and throw caution to the wind, so he can capitalize and land one of his big punches. People won’t fall for it all the time!

Cub Swanson – This guy is for real! Loved his fight! Loved his fight (props for Siver also).

Roger Gracie – Pure disappointment.
look, I know he was the underdog for a reason. But he’s a Gracie. And he had Tim down, had a body triangle on him… and How lazy has to be your Body triangle for Tim to be able to just turn around inside it? I mean, Body triangle is supposed to constrain your breathing! I know everyone nowadays trains  BJJ and knows how to defend themselves on the ground, but he is a Gracie! He’s supposed to be on another level!  When he’s born, instead of a hit to his ass, the doctor tries to submit him, and only the ones who successfully reverts the choke can be a Gracie!

This is besides the fact that he got tired after ONE ROUND! Sorry! I expected MUCH more, even (in defeat) from him!Roger Gracie

Tim Kennedy – Here’s a guys that, on the other side, surprised me. Well not that much (I knew he was the better fighter); but I liked his confidence in taking a Gracie down! Nice win for him, even though he is definetly on Dana’s Sh*t list for his pay comments.

Frankie Edgar – Nice win for him. it must be a good feeling to finally get a win (after 3 decision losses). At least now he can ease on his conspiracy theories and know that the judges are not (always) conspiring against him. 🙂

Charles Oliveira – Well, how about Charles Oliveira? IMO even with a loss, he proved to be a GREAT fighter, and an asset to be closely watched! He hung with a great fighter in Frankie and took him all the way to a decision!  And he ‘s only 23 years old!

IMO this kid will hold  a belt someday!

And now we are left for the main event:

Chris Weidman & Anderson Silva Anderson

The truth ? I think we will never know what happened here. (if fixed/Silva gave up/Silva simply got caught)
And while it is unfair to Weidman, I can’t really claim he won the fight due to his own skills. I mean, even if you’d check on everyone that picked Weidman to win, not one of them thought he would win via (T)KO. It was all about his wrestling/grappling and BJJ prowess’s that would do the trick).
We may never know what was passing in Silva’s head, but one thing is certain: if he took this fight seriously (or with less taunting), the result might have been different.

Did Silva get tired? Lost his hunger?
Will he retire?

I do not know.
Whatever might be the future for the Spider, he had a GREAT run, and as a fan, I can only be happy to have witnessed his greatness while it lasted.
If he chooses not to come back, then may he ride into the sunset and be happy!

If people who were fans are frustrated in the way he did it, then may them remember that he was always a joker. Well, this last joke was on us! 🙂

As for Weidman, he will have time to prove he is worth by holding onto the belt. A lot of people are already talking and asking for their turn at it!

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