UFC 162: Was it Fixed & Anderson’s future

Do I have thoughts?ufc 162

You bet I do.

Let’s get the big Q out of the way.


Let’s get one thing straight, anyone claiming he threw the fight or quit or it was fixed, you need to ignore their MMA opinion for the rest of their life.


Let me give you this reason why.

I’m gonna hit you as HARD as I can, when you fall down, I’m gonna keep hitting you until I’m forced to stop. If we have a poor ref, I might get a good 7-8 shots to your dome before stopping, we get a REAL bad ref, I might get a DOZEN HAMMERFISTS to your dome. Keep in mind, if you want me to stop, then you gotta protect yourself, so I get to KEEP HITTING YOU. The only way it stops is if you convince the ref that you are OUT.

If you are gonna throw a fight in MMA, without the other person (or ref) knowing, you do it by submission. If Andy was gonna throw the fight. He would have tapped to one of those goofy legbars Weidman was throwing our there. (Holy Ken Shamrock!)Anderson vs Weidman

So while you can complain about it, if you have been watching Anderson, you have seen him clown on fighters he does not feel threatened by. He has the tendency to fight without fear, and is more worried about showing off than just getting out of the cage against someone. I can give you 5 fights off the top of my head that he didn’t care about- and so can anyone who saw them. This isn’t the first time. The problem for Anderson is it pisses Dana off, and the UFC fans off. A couldn’t care less Anderson can be a dull Silva.

So the next Question is where does this rank in terms of huge upsets?

A bit below GSP/Serra, to be sure. Much of the upset potential comes from how long Weidman keeps the belt. If Weidman pulls a GSP and goes from upset (GSP/Hughes II) to dominant champion ala GSP, then its no shame. If he goes the route of Travis Lutter, or even Matt Serra, then this is a serious injury to his Goat argument. Anderson Silva is old for a standup fighter, and he could very well not care to retake the title, wanting to face GSP/Shogun/Hendo/ in more moneyed matchups without having to deal with whom the UFC wants him to fight.Anderson

Think about it, If you were Anderson Silva- and you won last night. Who is left at 185 for the big money fights? He made 600K for the Weidman fight, and will make 600K flat for his contract not counting PPV cuts.

Name me the fights at 185 that will make a ton as champion.

The Belfort rematch? Thats a given, and Belfort will still be there. Anyone else? Munoz? Jacare? I don’t see it.

If I’m Anderson, I want Bisping, if he wins – I can make 1M PPV buys in a huge show in Canada in a winnable fight.

After that? Maybe Belfort, Maybe by then Munoz is doing something or the Weidman rematch.

If I don’t want the title shot- lets look at GSP, and lets look at the 205 guys that can make me some SERIOUS money.





I can push a Million+ PPV Buys going 5-2 with those fights easy, and thats 6 guys that Anderson can beat without having to get his belt back or put up with Jones.

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