UFC 162: Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman

ufc 162Welcome to the UFC 162 Preview!

We have Weidman finally getting his title shot, and a lot could come out of this fight, not the least of witch is the Munoz/Tim fight, that could give someone a shot at a number 1 contender fight, Cub and Dennis could be right behind Lamas for a shot and Frankie is always there. Finally, we have Timmy and Roger- and they can go any direction after this matchup.

Cub Swanson vs. Dennis Siver

Roni: This fight has FotN written all over it. Well… obviously it depends what we will see in the main event!
But both fighters are on fire, and are very aggressive.
Either guy can win via KO, so do not blink!
But I see this fight going Cub Swanson’s way, as I think his aggression will allow him to dictate the pace and ultimately win this fight.

Cub Swanson wins via Decision

David: Dennis Siver has been a beast since coming down, and Cub has been on a tear- A good solid win here might let the winner leapfrog into a title shot, or at worse a co-main fight with Lamas on PPV. I do think Siver has a solid chance here, I think he can land solid kicks and take Cub into deep waters and discolor his legs, and I do think he has the stronger top game. But I do keep coming back to Cub’s win over Dustin. Cub has some of the best power in the division. I’m not happy about it, but I’m changing my mind- I’m taking Cub, just beacuse he’s done more- and that win over Dustin just is screaming at me.

Cub Via KO R2

Mark Muñoz vs. Tim Boetsch

Roni:This fight is a vindication fight.
Both guys were highly regarded with talks about title shots, and then they lost. Most people turned away and labeled them off cans, undeserving of top position.
To be perfectly honest, I am one person who’s not sold on Tim. The way he was dominated by Okami before pulling the win, or his lack-luster fight against Hector… In my opinion, he would need another (solid) win for me to accept he belongs in the upper echelon.
on the other side, I do think Mark belongs in the top 10. But the ‘Obese to Beast’ photos that surfaced now opens margin to a lot of question on Mark’s mental state and focus.
I mean, he gotta be feeling good that he got in shape, but he obviously have doubts enough in his mind as to allow himself to get to obese in the first place. So the question in this fight is: will Mark break if Tim frustrates him in the first round? he may very well break.
But I think he can beat Tim. But he gotta be focused in order to do it or Tim will pull (yet another) upset.

Mark Muñoz via Decision.

David: I’ve never been as big a fan of Munoz as some people. I do respect him as a fighter and his wrestling base is solid, but there is a reason all of Weidman’s highlights have Munoz in them, he leaves his chin up, he lowers his hands too often, and he does have some gaps that some smart fighters can take advantage of. I do respect his takedowns, but Tim fights smarter than most. He’s bigger than Munoz, and isn’t the easiest guy to get on his back. My buddy Jack loves throwing out what his did as a wrestler, and I throwout Dean Lister just as quickly. Tim is a former wrestler as well, and he hit harder. I’m taking Tim, and I’m not happy about this either.

Tim via stoppage in round 2.

Tim Kennedy vs. Roger GracieKennedy vs Gracie

Roni: This fight is, in my mind, a great Battle of the ground.
Tim is a black belt in Japanese Jiu-Jitsu.
Roger… well… he’s a Gracie (enough said!)
I vote for Roger, but this is an uphill battle for him. Tim is a veteran and have experience on his side.
But Roger is training in the Blackhouse, and means business!
I will be bold and say it ends with a submission on the first round 🙂
Roger via submission on the first round

David: Tim Kennedy stuffed a ton of Jacare shots. You can be the baddest man on the planet on the ground, but if you stay on the feet for 15 minutes, who gives a poo? Give me the punch that Gracie has. He’s got a good jab, but that’s more to setup the takedowns than to end a fight. Tim has far more weapons on the feet.  Lets keep in mind that the one guy to go all 15 minutes was Keith Jardine, who has been an excellent sacrificial lamb for the upper rungs of Jackson’s MMA fighters. Gracie is not a snap-crackle BJJ guy, he takes his time and slowly wraps up guys- so If Tim can last 3 minutes upright before hitting the mat- and can be smart, he can ride out the clock. I’m taking Tim in an upset via split decision.

Kennedy via 29-28, 28-29,30-27 scorecards.

Frankie Edgar vs. Charles Oliveira

Roni: This fight starts with a warning: “be careful with what you ask for!”
In this case, Charles Oliveira asked UFC for a top opponent. He got it.
the question is: can he handle it?
I for one don’t think so.
I do love his submission game. but Frankie is not one that gets taken down easily, and I think Frankie will keep this fight standing. And if this fights stays standing, I see Frankie winning this.

Frankie wins by (T)KO on the third round.

David: Frankie hasn’t fought a three rounder since 2009,  and worse yet, how many times have those 4th and 5th rounds been what kept him winning? When’s the last time he lost one of those rounds? Now he doesn’t have those two rounds in the judges scorecards. In this case, I’m not sure he needs them.I’m not saying that Charles is a piker, but Frankie is a monster worker, and he will be able get out from under Charles, and create scrambles, and not many at any weight class loves a good scramble more than Frankie.

Frankie via Scorecards.

silva weidman

Anderson Silva (c) vs Chris Weidman

Roni: This is the fight everyone is waiting for.
Weidman is Undefeated, young, fresh, confident and VERY talented guy picking up a fight against no one other than the GOAT of MMA.
And while I have to say that any result in this fight will not be a complete surprise. After all, both guys are good enough to pull a win by any fashion (Decision, (T)Ko or a submission).
And there are a LOT of unknowns in this fight!

* Will age be a factor?
* Will ring rust play a part in this fight?
* are both guys healthy?
* Will anyone get caught?
I for one think Someone will. And I vote for Silva to defeat this young prospect on the first or second round via (T)KO.

That should be a great setup for a super fight come November against GSP or Jon Jones!

Silva wins via (T)KO on the second round

David: I do love this fight, but lets keep in mind that Weidman hasn’t exactly faced a murderer’s row of fighters getting to this title shot. The best fighter he has beaten is Maia, and you won’t find a bigger fan of Maia as I, but Maia at 170 is a different beast than at 185. You don’t stomp a mudhole in Munoz than walk through the GOAT. I do think his top game is really good, and possibly better than Sonnen, but I’m not sure his takedowns are as solid. I question what he can do if Anderson forces him to fight on the feet for an entire round. If that happens, I don’t like his chances. If Anderson is on his back for 5 minutes. I do like his chances, far more than I do Weidman’s on the feet.

The Winner, and STILL champion: Anderson Silva.

Anderson Silva


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