Taking Back the Union and the Game

July 31, 2013 Joe Cantiello 2

Taking Back the Union and the Game   Major League Baseball (MLB) is a business; in fact, it is a very big business that generates commerce that is in the billions and billions of dollars. Simplistically […]



July 31, 2013 Archie 3

Welcome to the July 31st edition of the MLB Roundtable! This week Stephen and Archie take on A-Rod, Wildcard predictions and More! Again we are looking for 2 more spots at the table, post below […]


Site News: Year II

July 29, 2013 David Snipes 1

Well, Just to let you know that the beatings will continue until morale improves. After some thinking and deciding, we have reupped the name and the site for another 12 months. (Gotta love that sound […]


Writer Bio Joe Cantiello

July 26, 2013 David Snipes 0

New Writer: Joe Cantiello In the words of Bill Crosby “I started out as a child” and right around the age of eleven I was brought to the brutal realization that the game of baseball […]


UFC on FOX 8 Picks

July 26, 2013 Roundtable 0

Welcome to the UFC on Fox 8 picks! This could be an interesting card- but could have surprises, but lets be honest, most of the news this week has been on the STACKED UFC 166 […]



July 23, 2013 Archie 0

Welcome to the MLB Roundtable, this week we have Archie and Stephan throwing the topics back and forth, with Ryan Braun, Mid-season trades and of course more PED talk! 1. Ryan Braun has been suspended […]


NBA Roundtable: July 22nd

July 22, 2013 Roundtable 1

Now that Free Agency’s major storms have blow over, lets start looking over the wastelands that are the NBA roster sheets. Once again, we have EJ and David playing Bird and Magic- If you think […]