Writer Bio: Tomas Yi

I am living in Las Vegas but Hawaii is where I call home.
I am the Director of Marketing for www.attackpoker.com an online free to play poker site.

I have been a Lakers Fan since I was 11 years old.Bruce Lee
“Kobe is the greatest basketball player of all time next to Jordan!”

Grew up a SF 49ers fan but I cheer for the Patriots every year.
“Tom Brady is the greatest QB of all time next to Joe Montana!”

Baseball bores me unless it’s playoffs so does golf unless it’s Tiger!

I love to play golf and consider myself a decent poker player.
I have never been a writer, in fact hated English class in High School (all classes for that matter).

So my grammar skills are basically of a 12 yr. old. and thank God for spell check!

Graduated from High School and earned my BS in Business Management (thank you Google and Wikipedia).

I am not religious but love to debate about it. I am not political but want to be President. I am the ultimate oxymoron. But I tell it like it is!

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