NBA RT: June 24 edition

Welcome to the NBA Roundtable- 100% Free of Doc Rivers! With EJ off on personal business, and DJ trying out for the 3rd QB spot on the Raiders, It is down to Bill and David this week – but wait! We have a new member who makes his roundtable debut in Tomas! Lets put a ribbon on the Finals this week before looking to next year.

1. Did the Heat win or did the Spurs lose the final 2 games.Spurs vs Heat

Bill: The Spurs LOST those games. Squandering that 10 point lead going into the final roughly three minutes on game six should not have happened. Missing key free throws when they mattered most should not have happened. Subbing Tim Duncan out of the game when he was most needed should not have happened. Keeping Ginobili in the game and having him drop eight turnovers should not have happened. Finally, watching several fouls go uncalled by the officials because they felt they should just swallow their whistles and let them play should definitely not have happened. The last point disgusts me most. While I recognize that there were several calls that could have and possibly should have gone the way of the Spurs, there simply was no way that the officials were going to let it end any other way than to give the home team every opportunity to come back and win or tie it.

Tomas: The Spurs LOST game 6, Lebron turned it over twice in the final minutes of the game the Spurs did not take advantage, Coach Pop sat Duncan out in the final Heat’s offensive possession (WHY WOULD YOU SIT YOUR BEST DEFENSIVE PLAYER CLINGING TO A 3 POINT LEAD?!?) , and Giniobli was horrible! Game 7 was WON by Lebron James, throughout the series the Spurs were daring him to shoot long jumpers and three’s the Spurs got what they asked for he went 5/10 from beyond the arc and dropped 37pts. It was a hard fought game til the final two minutes when somehow you knew the Spurs were running out of gas. I sat there wondering WHY?!? Why is Tony Parker the second best player on the team sitting out with over a minute left in the NBA FINALS!? OH and Giniobli was horrible (made me wonder if he was trying to fix the games!) <—–Conspiracy theory!

David: The Spurs did not lose the game. TONY PARKER AND MANU LOST THE GAMES- with some SERIOUS help from the refs, to be honest with you. I’ll give credit to Chris Bosh for earning his paycheck, and Ray Allen was 10 years younger, but if we got half the Parker we should have gotten, this series should have ended in 6.

2. Has the last 2 games damaged the HOF chances of Manu?

Bill: Honestly, I’ve never considered Ginobili a HOF candidate. Sure, I can see the case for him seeing as he’s been a key contributor to the team and is perhaps South America’s greatest player… but I just don’t feel as though he has a strong enough case upon which to be elected.

Tomas: Said in my best Jim Mora voice: “Hall of Fame!? What are you talking about!? HOF!? are you kidding me?!? HOF!? he’s just lucky to be in the league next year!” However if any writer thought 2 games could damage a players chances for HOF those two games would be it.

David: As I have proven almost any good player can get into the Hall, and I personally got 13% of the votes this year due to my rec league stats. I’m not sure if he gets in now. I do kind of wonder if he drops off the radar now. If KL becomes the star we think he will be, I wonder if he isn’t looked at in 6-7 years as the third wheel for this title run instead of Manu.

3. Did Bosh silence the critics?Bosh vs Noah

Bill: No. If anything, Bosh’s lack of contribution to the offensive end made his role on the team even more questionable. Bosh’s defense hasn’t ever been that great and to touch upon that, Duncan ate his lunch the entire series. While I understand that Duncan is widely considered to be the greatest PF to play the game, Bosh is six years his junior and far more athletic. He could have and should have done more on both sides of the ball. While sending Bosh packing has been on the lips of many, I can’t say I disagree with that assertion. Just how key Bosh is to the team is suspect in my opinion. If they could get good return on him, there’s no reason to leave that option unexplored.

Tomas: Chris Bosh is a great player he will always be remembered for winning championships on Dwade and Lebron’s team in Miami. I will say this “MIAMI would not have won this years NBA Finals without Bosh.” I just don’t think Bosh is the target of many critics when you have Lebron and Wade.

David: Bosh is not going to be the third leg of a monster team, he is the Horace Grant of this run- he is NOT Dennis Rodman- someone that fills in the blank spots on the team and gets the plays in that needs to happen. He’s a very good luxury player that can carry the subs or make plays when the other team is concentrating on Jordan and Pippen LeBron and Wade. I don’t think he’s tradeable, because of the friendship, but if he played for Chicago or if there was a hard cap, he would be looking at some SERIOUS Nike money to balance out that salary cut coming up.

4. How would you rank this series in Finals history (or say in the past 10 years)

Bill: This one is certainly right up there and in my top three. It’s hard to argue with pitting a team led by a four time champ in Duncan and the Spurs against a team led by a four time league MVP in James.

Tomas: Top 3 and only because the Lakers won 2 championships in the past decade. If not the best in the past 10 yrs. I would go as far to say that other than the Lakers and Chicago Bulls Championships this is probably the best Finals ever.

David: I enjoyed this Finals more than I expected to, I enjoyed this series more than last year- and far more than I should have on paper. I’ll give this the best series in a long time- maybe the best since the Bulls/Sonics series.

5. Did Mike Miller save his job?

Bill: No. Miller is pretty much done in my opinion. He’s not lived up to the hype that preceded his signing in MIA and has had difficulty even getting off the bench during his tenure. I find myself wondering why Spoelstra went with him over and over when a far better and much more athletic Rashard Lewis or even James Jones were on the same bench. In the series against the Spurs, Miller went 13-22 in 153 minutes. That’s just not cutting it in my book.

Tomas: When the big 3 signed in Miami everyone knew the remaining 9 players would be role players. Miller is a role player you can replace him with basically anyone and the Heat would still have won (true story).

David: No. While Miller was a good role player, the money crunch is just going to hit them. The Heat are not hurting cashwise, and Mickey isn’t going to be borrowing money from Jordan anytime soon, but the year over year penalties are going to be severe. Mike Miller isn’t worth it. I wouldn’t say Rashard Lewis is better, but he’s cheaper. If LeBron thinks this bench stunk like Cleveland, wait until next years.

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  1. I hate the Heat, so it’s hard for me to be objective. The Spurs blew game 6. They should never have been in position for the referees to take it from them. I’m not impressed with Miami. I’m more disappointed with San Antonio. I will not comment on game 7 except to say it should never have been played.

  2. Got to agree with David on Bosh. He is more Horace Grant than Dennis Rodman. So far the Heat can win with Grant, but they still need that rugged big man.

    Good job guys, and David can now add Trinidad & Tobago to the list of countries 7pound has received hits from.

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