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I went over to my podcastbuddy Jacks to have lunch. We started talking Bellator- as we always do, especially when King Mo- is fighting, Jack’s always happy when Mo- Mousasi or one of the Ceasar Gracie guys are fighting.

So he asked if I was watching the show tonight, and I told him I was, and we started talking about how they were doing the show.

Last night, we got the answer, as I thought it was going to go (and wish I had added yest)

The Voice: Fighter Edition.

For those of you unfamiliar with the show- it goes like this, a singer comes out and sings, unseen, and the 4 coaches choose if they want the person(s) on their team. If multiple coaches want the singer, then the person gets to pick the coach- if no one wants the singer, then the person(s) does not make the show.

The difference? The fighter has to win the fight, then is automatically in, and gets to pick any coach, weather they want him or not.

So far I do like the format. Each Coach is only allowed 4 fighters, so you would think it makes sense to fight early. I do like the commentary the coaches provide- something the UFC needs to steal on TUF. You can clearly hear everything they say.

So Fight I

Chip Pollard vs Tim Welch

I get a 24 year old and a 22 year old- the records are not thrown up there.

They are doing the 2 rounds plus OT if needed, no Elbows allowed, wise move there (also stolen) but thats ok.

Considering that Greg Jackson is the only one I’ve never heard do commentary, he does a GREAT job at it. Can I get Greg Jackson and Florian in the booth for the UFC?

Tim Welch gets a flash KO, Chip protests a bit- it was a bit of an early stoppage, but understandable.

NOTE: I’m not going to be doing a ton of play-by-play, or going on and on about the motivation of the fighters (yes we all know you are fighting for your kids/family/momma/etc, and you would die before losing AND this is your life, yada yada yada)

The fighter is able to ask Questions, Tim is worried about the distractions the coaches may have- Jackson and Randy pop back about how they bring staffs as well as themselves. Frank notices the Shamrock tattoo, and Tim mentions he is Irish and Indian.

Tim isn’t stupid, and goes Greg Jackson.

Joe isn’t happy.

Fight II

Eric Scallan vs Chris Curtis

I’m gonna be honest, I’m pulling for Eric, he’s a USAMMA Alum, and a GFA Alum, I’ve never seen him fight personally (I think) but any guy that looks to get to the next level I’m pulling for (and yes I know he’s a Bellator vet)

26 and 25 years old by the way, Again, I’m pulling for the young dudes in this show (except for my bias guys)

Curtis goes for a glovetouch, Eric pops him with a sidekick, Frank turns against Eric, Joe calls it a cheapshot. I’m gonna be quiet. Eric gets a quick knockdown and hits a great elbow. Eric is all screw this crap and starts with the takedowns and control, this fight is clipped a bit, but round 2 is the same thing from what they show. 2 judges give Scallan the first round and he moves on.

Erics got a pretty good cut under the eye.

Eric actually looks like he’s got questions written down. Jackson tries to pawn him off on Joe or Randy with the wrestling base. Frank asks him  to rate himself on a 1-10 scale, he gives himself a 5. He takes Joe.

Joes not thrilled says “DAMN” after the pick, I think he might have done better with Randy, personally, Frank is overjoyed that he didn’t get Eric.

Fight III

Brandon Tierney vs Nick Barnes

37 vs 22 years old

This was one excellent fight, very good scrap, Joe Warren does one hell of a job coaching from the couch. Joe is really wanting this guy. Nick only has one question, what did you see in my fight. Frank actually stands up to emphasize his points.

Nick takes Frank, who is excited. Randy thinks that was a good move.

Fight IV

Darryl Cobb vs AJ Matthews

32 vs 24- and AJ has a HUGE 5 inch reach advantage.

Major Clippage, Cobb takes round 1 by all 4 coaches, but Matthews dominates round 2. Cobb looks gassed, Matthews with a MAJOR takesdown.

Frank seems like he’s pulled out a laptop for his notes. AJ has no clue who Frank was as a fighter. AJ takes Couture.

Thats evens each camp up at 1 each, I get the feeling that we are not seeing the fights in order.

Fight V

Josh Quayhagen vs Chris Lozano

26 vs 30

Chris gets Josh against the cage and the ref lets it go WAY too long, and Josh’s face is beaten in. He wins via scorecards- but that should have been stopped. Frank and Joe are impressed.

Frank points out that he got tired, Joe enjoyed it. Chris actually trained with Jackson. Frank kinda employed a little head games with Chris trying to get him on his team- AND IT WORKED, he goes with Frank.

So we get a preview for the next weeks show.

Final thoughts:

I love how the show is put together, I enjoy the guys being frank (no pun intended) with each other and the fighters, I really like the commentary.

Some of the fighters seem to have a good chunk of talent, and I do enjoy seeing some people that deserve a shot getting them, I do know this show is scattered with Strikeforce and quite a few guys that have been in Bellators cage, but there are quite a few guys that are under 25.

As far as the coaches go, each have their own styles and personalizes. Joe can push the fact that he is relevant in Bellator, Jackson has his reputation and anyone needing Stamina or improvement in the wrestling base has Randy. Frank is the wildcard, how does he standout? Its not like he can beat the snot out of his fighters Lion’s Den style, but he does have the advantage of being a globe-trotter both in and outside of the cage.

So I am a big supporter of the first episode, and the format so far. Steps 1 and 2 are better than I expected, next up is to see how they get out of the prelims and start fighting each other.


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