NBA Finals Game 7 Miami Heat vs. San Antonio Spurs

It is ironic that my very first post will be about the last game in the NBA Season.  I will turn to Baseball, start doing research for my Fantasy Football team, I will take my son swimming on the weekends knowing there is nothing that will peak my interest on TV til mid August, I can also start playing more poker!

But Wait…
There is 1 last game to play! It will be the most exciting game of the year in the NBA!
It’s not the Lakers (Favorite Team) vs. Celtics (Boston Sucks) but it does have that excitement doesn’t it?

A passing of the torch type of feel, remember when the Lakers and Magic met Jordan “a spectacular move!” and the Bulls for their 1st NBA Title (passing of the torch game).
This game will showcase the best individual basketball player in the league RIGHT NOW vs. the best TEAM in the NBA (IMO).

This is SHINE time for King James, time to shut all the critics up myself included. Time to show the world that he is now ready to be great and be a one namer like: Magic, Bird, Jordan, Kobe, and Shaq. After tonight’s game when you mention King James I will not look for the bible I will be thinking “LEBRON,” when you mention the NBA I will think King James. It is his league now and will be for the coming years.

But Wait… There is 1 last game to play!

I’m sure the “SPURS” will have something to say about that!



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