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Tonight, the new Bellator show starts. Its a bit odd, because I became a MMA fan due to season 1 of the Ultimate Fighter, odd to think that the reason I have spent so much time, money, effort and in no small part created 2 websites is due to a show I watched pretty much because nothing else was on after TNA. The main problem for Bellator, is that would not happen now. Why?Bellator

1. The talent is not there. Look at Season 1. Not only did you have “minor league” champions coming in, but you have a future Champion there, plus guys that fought for the title- guys such as Nate Quarry, Koscheck, Deigo, and Kenny Florian. Leben is still relevant, plus you had filler like Bonner and Mike Swick still there.

2. DVRs. Even on the rare shows I watch Live, I’m gone as soon as its over, I’ve always got a Frasier or Good Eats I can kill the next 20 minutes on. I’m FOURTY and can spin that DVR like a top. My kids attention span is even less.

3. Who are these guys? I understand I didn’t know Josh Koscheck from Josh Barnett when I first saw the TUF Premiere, but I got introduced quickly, I got TWICE as many guys to learn about, plus 4 coaches.

4. Let’s talk the coaches. The big get is of course, Greg Jackson. The man churns out UFC fighters, and can bring unknowns to success, as seen almost everytime one of his charges coaches TUF- and don’t think the fact Sonnen CRUSHED Jones on the show had anything to do with Jackson not being there. The next one is Randy Couture. He’s been in the movies, he’s a Hall of Famer, and he was a coach on the first TUF. He’s also run a successful gym, even though lately they are down a tad. Q: Is Gray Maynard the most relevant fighter in Xtreme Couture? Next up is Frank Shamrock, again doing his best to piss off (and on) the UFC. Problem is- has he ever coached anyone? I know his brother isn’t going to be around- and the last relevant Lion’s Den fighter I can think of is Vernon White! Finally, we get Joe Warren. Possibly Bellator’s most marketable champion. So he brings Team Quest? Joe Riggs

So then lets look at the fighters- I want to know why Joe Riggs is there. Up and Comers Ya’ll! Lets just look at whom even has a Wikipedia page!

Mike Bronzoulis is 34, and went 1-1 in Strikeforce. 15-5 overall

Chris Lozano is 30, 10-3 overall and is 2-3 IN BELLATOR

So hopefully those 3 lose in round 1. If you are doing a show to discover new stars, you don’t break out JOE RIGGS and a guy that has fought for you FIVE TIMES.

So will I watch?





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