UFC on Fuel 10 and UFC 161 Thoughts

The UFC still has a problem with timing. The Main Event on my DVR started on the post-fight show. Considering the glut of commercials and fights that were shown (Saw a joke on twitter if they were going to show facebook fights from previous UFCs) yet they were STILL unable to get the show done under 3 hours.UFC on Fuel 10
Let’s keep in mind that the had the first Fox Card went deep into round 2, it would have overrun the local news on the East Coast.
Not that Fuel cares, but if the UFC gets to a network were they are the live lead-in to a show that has its own devoted fans- they are going to have MAJOR problems. Imagine making the Walking Dead Season Premiere wait 20 minutes because Maynard and Pat Healy are going 5 rounds.

So let’s talk about the fights,

Brian Stann said it best on the after show, good luck getting anyone to fight a Brazilian on the next card.

Brazil went 7-0 vs the world last weekend. That’s just insane. Its not like every fight was Silva vs Jason High either.
Speaking of Silva, both Jack and I have had man-crushes on the kid since day 1, and if you listen to the podcast we both think he’s going to be fighting for the title sooner rather than later. Jason High isn’t in his class, but he is a solid wrestler and no slouch. Silva made him look bad, and picked up a sub of the night reward- no small feat considering there was a record number of submissions.
Speaking of Silva making people look bad, I’ll be honest, I thought Thiago was going to gas, and go down as another UFC upper-carder to lose to the Strikeforce armada.
Imagine of Thiago hadn’t had two wins taken away- his losses are two decisions to Guffy and Rashad, both on their mega streak, and a KO loss to the Dragon, back when Rogan was blowing him in the cage after his fights.

I do look for Thiago to make a run. I would love to see him face Vitor, but he’s too far back, maybe he can face Mousasi if he decides he wants to stay at 205. Forrest would have been great, but he’s gone, as is Rampage. Silva needs a name opponent. Again, the problem is, does Dana trust him after taking away 2 wins? Silva is just dangerous enough to scare the poo out of you, but what really do you gain by beating him in the mainstream? Not much, and as I have shown, beating him is a little harder than it looks, now isn’t it?

With that in the rearview mirror, its time to look to  . . .

UFC 161Man what a shitty card.

Don’t forget the MMA Playground group, look for 7poundbag.

Butterbean44 is in the lead, with my podcast partner Jack is sitting at third, I’m sitting at 4th (adding in my ripped off points), so I’m doing well.

In the fake betting, I’m sitting on third, Jack is 17th of 18 fighters and Butterbean is again top in the group.

So lets look at some of the fights.

Jake Shields vs. Tyron Woodley

I live this fight, I know, I’m gonna break news here, but this comes down to if Jake takes Woodley down, he will be able to keep him down, but the hard part is GETTING him there. I’m taking Jake- not due to his wrestling, but due to his CHIN. He can take the hits to keep shooting, and he lands enough takedowns to win the scorecards.

Pat Barry vs. Shawn Jordan

I love Shawn Jordan (Former USAMMA Guy) but Pat Barry has just SO much power, the problem is, he does tend to fight bad mentally on occasion. My Brain tells me that Barry is gonna win, but I’m taking Jordan- just for the rooting causes.

Alexis Davis vs. Rosi Sexton

If you want a sleeper pick to make a ton of money on, Sexton is the one to go with. She shouldn’t be this much of a dog. I’m taking Davis though, but I’m dropping some cash on Playground on Sexton.

Roy Nelson vs. Stipe Miocic

Roy – KO – Next

Rashad Evans vs. Dan Henderson

I will admit it, I’d like nothing better than these two guys double KO each other. I almost want to see Hendo win, so I can watch him get blasted by Jones and then Rashad get smushed by Anderson Silva.

So who wins?

Its 3 rounds. Jack and I have disagreed on who that favors. I think it favors Rashad, at it gives him less time to land that punch. I do think he has the POWAH to put Rashad out with a single blow, and both men can be slow starters.

Hendo does have a tendency to forget the gameplan and just go for the KO, so he can blow round 3 fairly easily vs quicker fighters, as Machida proved. Rashad isn’t as fast as Machida, but he is quicker than Hendo.

I find the wrestling to be a wash, as Rashad lately has forgotten that he has that in his arsenal, and Hendo goes for the takedown almost as often as Mark Hunt.



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