The Blog About Nothing 6/14 Edition

What up world? It’s me EJ and you know what this is: it’s The Blog About Nothing. I’ve been sitting back since last Friday, rubbing my hands Birdman style, just waiting to get the next edition out. Rubbing my hands, and smirking Stevie J. style. This blog is full of NBA talk, once again. Got some more Finals spit, a little talk on that J. Kidd hire, a litle something-something on Doc Rivers and soccer talk to close this thing out. Ready? Set? Let’s go!NBA Finals

We’re four games through the NBA Finals and both teams are tied at 2 apiece. I keep saying Heat in 7 games, and so far nothing has stopped me from being wrong. The Heat and Spurs keep trading body blows but no one has landed the knockout. The Spurs did win Game 3 in blowout fashion, but I was never worried for the Heat. Why? It didn’t seem possible that Gary Neal and Danny Green could keep up that lights out shooting from behind the 3 point line. That performance definitely seemed like a once in a lifetime thing. While, I like Neal and Green as players, it wasn’t surprising to see Miami’s Big Three finally play like a unit in Game 4. Dwayne Wade looked awesome putting up 32 points, LeBron finally had a good showing with his 33, and Chris Bosh decided to stop being a stretch 4, and get his ass into the paint for 20 points and 13 rebounds. I kept saying LeBron needs help, and his boys finally came to their star’s aide. I’m unsure if Wade will play like the Wade of old in Game 5, Game 6, and possibly Game 7 but if he’s close to that and Bosh can plant himself in the paint and away from the 3 point line, then you have to like the Heat’s chances to win again this season. However, I’m not writing the Spurs off either. Tony Parker’s strained hamstring isn’t limiting him, Tim Duncan isn’t being slowed by father time, and Kawhi Leonard has played well defending LeBron. What the Spurs need is Manu Ginobili to show up. Manu looks done but if the Spurs are going to get their 5th ring then they need Manu to pull a Wade and show the doubters that injuries haven’t robbed him of his game. The NBA Finals are now a best of 3 series, and the team that can win 2 of the next 3 games will be the ones hoisting the Larry O’Brien trophy. The games on Sunday, Tuesday, and possibly Thursday the 20th are must see television.Ewing

Patrick Ewing Jr. needs to sit his hating ass down! Don’t get mad at Jason Kidd being retired all of 9 days before being hired of the Coach of the Brooklyn Nets, while your Dad has been an assistant for the past 10 seasons without even getting close to  a head coaching job. Maybe, Jr. should realize that Patrick Ewing Sr., just isn’t head coaching material. He was never media friendly, and he seems a bit distant in the huddle. No one is going to put him in the big chair. Not happening son. Wait? Wasn’t I talking about J. Kidd? Let me get back to the topic, since I actually forgot it. Jason Kidd, probably the Nets franchise best NBA player, gets his shot at running the team. Now, Kidd coming off a 19 year hall of fame career was  a coach on the court playing point guard, but it’s going to be a different story going from floor general to field general. He’s the coach of a flawed franchise that might have made the playoffs last season, but should have a tougher go round next season depending on what happens to franchises like Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and a few other teams in the East that could be better or worse depending on what happens this offseason. Mikhail Prokharov, might be a rich Russian billionaire who is demanding a title for the Nets, but the Nets are a flawed franchise that lacks scoring, and athleticism. It’s definitely not a title winner, and it’s not even the best team in New York City. No, the Nets better lower their expectations under rookie Coach Kidd. I don’t hate the hire though. I think Jason is a bright guy, who will definitely put a staff around him but he’s going to need time and lowered expectations to succeed. The best thing for Coach Kidd would be for his owner to walk back the title talk, and best team in the City talk and encourage Kidd just to get his guys to the playoffs. 8th seed or bust wouldn’t be a bad mantra in Brooklyn next season.Doc Rivers

A potential head coaching move is Doc Rivers leaving the Boston Celtics and heading out to the West Coast to take the Clippers job. Personally, I love this move if it happens. Doc is under contract and still has another 3 years $21 million to go on his current deal, but there has been rumblings that he’s tired of the Boston situation. Makes sense. The Celtics are old. Like Polident, Depends, and Bengay old. I threw that Bengay crack in there for Rajon Rondo. He might not be old but he’s almost as creaky as Pierce and Garnett. Heading out West, to coach Chris Paul and Blake Griffin would be the best thing for Doc. Continue to coach a contender and trade in Boston for Los Angeles? Sounds like a winner to me. Makes a lot of sense too but it’s not as easy as Doc quitting the Celtics and taking the Clippers job. I’m sure compensation will have to be made to the Celtics but visions of Doc coaching Paul, Griffin, and possibly Pierce and/or KG, makes me think the Clippers will be one of the best team’s in the West for years to come if that mutual interest between the Clippers and Doc Rivers comes into fruition.Confederations Cup

Finally, a little soccer talk. It’s not all basketball with me. I’m a soccer fan at heart but I know it’s basketball that brings the readers onto the blog. It’s cool. Hopefully, I won’t lose y’all now. Starting tomorrow, and lasting through June 30th the Confederations Cup, a dress rehearsal for next year’s World Cup will pit 8 nations against each other. Hosted by Brazil, the Cup will feature South American champions Uruguay, African champions Nigeria, North American champions Mexico, Asian champions Japan, Oceana champions, Tahiti, European champions Spain, as well as European runner-up Italy, and the aforementioned host Brazil. The 8 nations are placed into 2 groups. Group A consists of Brazil, Italy, Japan, and Mexico. For a tournament with 2 groups this one is by far the hardest. Brazil as the host nation is under a lot of pressure but they bring in a young and talented squad led by future Barcelona FC player Neymar. Italy, also featuring a good bit of youth is centered around talented but a head case forward in Mario Balotelli. Mexico, a team that is struggling recently in World Cup qualifying is led by Manchester United goal scorer Chicharito and finally Japan is lead by a talented midfielder Keisuke Honda. I expect Brazil to advance out of this group, because of their the  host nation, but the other nation I think will make it to the semis is Japan. I really like the Blue Samurai and I’ve been impressed by the little I’ve seen out of Honda. The 27 year old midfielder is plying his trade in Russia, but I think after this tournament some of Europe’s big boys will come calling. Group B has Spain, Nigeria, Tahiti, and Uruguay. I won’t spend much time here. Nigeria is once again at odds with their Football administration and after a one day strike only recently landed in Brazil. Tahiti? Would be lucky to score a goal. It’s a team full of semi-pros and should get some serious beatings from Spain and Uruguay. Spain and Uruguay will be the two to advance out of their group. It’s that clear. So, who wins the thing EJ? I’ll go with Brazil only because the Brazilians really need this for their self esteem. The Selecao has had some setbacks the past few years but as the host nation for the 2014 World Cup, they need whatever wins they can get in order to feel confident heading into next year’s big event.

That’s it for this week. I’ve been playing this YMCMB Richgang Tapout joint all morning, so I’m still here getting my Birdman on. I might be even more ignorant next week but the only way y’all would know that is if you come back and read it. I’m out this bitch. Until next week: peace.

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