Is Jason Kidd a Hall of Famer?

Jason KiddYes.
Next question. I have no problem with Jason Kidd making the Hall. He’s no Duncan, but I’ll take him over Reggie Miller and Chris Mullen. Jason Kidd is an easy entrant.

Last Week,  I made the statement that you can’t find 29 Hall of Famers that entered the NBA since the 2000 draft. I’ll defend that now.

Lets go over all 2000-2010 drafts, I’ll list the best players from that class, and lets see who you would build your team around, and see if there are 29 of them, I think you need at least 3 years to show how good you are.


Kenyon Martin, uh Michael Redd?

I got ZERO, as much as I liked Martin.


Tony Parker, Pau Gasol, Joe Johnson, Gilbert Arenas, Gerald Wallace,

– Ok, I can start a team with Tony and Pau- If need be. Tony is an easy one. Pau is at least a starting point. As a side note- imagine if the Pacers had Pau instead of Granger this year- I bet ESPN wouldn’t be wall to wall LeBron vs Jordan right now. So I’m up to 2.


YAO Ming. Amare. I’m not gonna throw Jay Williams in here. Unlike Bobby Hurley, whom I think he would have been a great player, he had major problems getting minutes over Jamal Crawford, but did average a 10/5/1 so he would have been serviceable, but not gonna stop you from wanting Rose. Nene? Carlos Booz?

So I got 2 more here.

2003LeBron vs Terry

Gotta go Lebron here, then Darko, then Wade and Melo.  There is a drop to Kaman and West.

So we easily have 3 here. I can build around Melo- that LeBron guy? Maybe, I’m a good GM.


Howard, of course, and I could argue Iggy and then a fairly big dropoff to Oakfor and Josh Smith. I could easily make a case before he left Orlando, but I’ll still take him.


Don’t forget D-Will (until he left Utah) and Bynum (until he left LA)
Post that? You have Bogut and. . . David Lee? I’ll take Paul and D-Will from this class.


RONDO- easily.
LaMarcus Aldridge? Rudy Gay?


Ok, we all know Durant is up there. Next up might be Marc Gasol, but I’m not sure he’s buildable- yet.
I’ll even consider Big AL. Noah is a hard one though. I would love him as the number 3 guy, I’m not sure I can build on him. Its like having the best RG in the NFL, yeah great, but I need a T and QB here.


Westbrook now more than ever, Derrick Rose as well, defiantly can’t say Serge- ever.
Kevin Love? I would say so, but that can change. Roy Hibbert? At this point I would say yes, but I’m not happy. Kind of like Melo- I can do it, but is he the player that he was this past week 100% of the time? I can live with 80% Lebron or Durant or even Westbrook. I can’t live with 80% of Roy.


See? This is why I have to give you time. I would have taken Blake over Harden, but now? Blake is the same player he was at OU, and Hardin has EXPLODED. I’m not sure I can build around Blake anymore, but I can around Hardin. I’m still waiting on Curry to do anything more than be a stunningly greater version of his father- who was a better defender. Oh and Thabeet. Sorry Dan, I’m not going Brandon Jennings. And don’t get me started on Rubio


I got ONE. And it’s not who you think it is. Boogie Cousins. I’m not sure Wall is the MAN in the NBA- or is he another great player on a bad team because he’s on a bad team guy. Swap Wall with Brandon Jennings and what does he do? So not yet. I think a good coach and/or a vet he respects makes Boogie a 20/10 guy in a Z-Bo role – with better defense.


Lose count? Disagree? Not pissed enough? So let me list them again, in order that I would take them – IF THEY WERE ROOKIES. Keep in mind, I like my PGs and my Low post players over wings.

LeBron – Duh
YAO Ming – No busted legs in my world. I draft Yao, and not only am I hiring everyone in Phonix, He’s not even going to Portland unless its game 7 of the Finals. Yup, he’s not even playing game 6 if its in Portland. I’m doing the same thing If I draft Noel this summer.
Rose – As a rookie, so he’s 100%
Tony Parker
Kevin Love
Boogie Cousins
Pau Gasol

So that’s 17 players. And let me ask you a question- If Stern pulls the Lotto envelope and you are staring at choosing between Amare or Deron Williams – or even Boogie – Are you Happy?

For the Record, I’m slotting Jason Kidd right after Rose. That’s 17 players in 11 years and I’m down to ROY HIBBERT.

So keep in Mind, I’m looking at 33 players from these drafts going into the Hall, or a TON of guys before this that have been passed over getting in.

Go ahead and look over those drafts. Who is #29? I only named 38 players TOTAL- and I’m down to David Lee and Michal Redd.

So expect in a few years some REAL borderline  players hitting the Hall, but Jason Kidd deserves to be there on the First Ballot.

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  1. I was all ready to say how could you even question J. Kidd as a Hall of Famer so I give you credit for the misleading headline.

    I agreed on the Hill article that you couldn’t find 29 HOF players from 1986 to now but seeing your list makes me really think that the HOF is going to let in some real sorry ass names in the years to come.

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