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What up world! Once again it’s the kid EJ with another brand spanking new edition of The Blog About Nothing. This week we’ll get into a little NBA Finals talk, I’ll try my hand at Biogenesis, a quick blurb on Yasiel Puig, and I’ll cap it all off with the mess that is the Dallas Cowboys. Let’s not waste no more time and kick it off with some roundball talk.

The ORIGINAL Big Three

The winner of Game 1 of the NBA Finals wins the series 71 percent of the time. So advantage Spurs right? Well, the last two seasons has seen the team that lost Game 1 win the title. Last year the Heat lost to the Thunder, and the year before the Mavs lost to the Heat. Basically, after one game of the NBA Finals it’s far too early to predict who will win between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat. The Spurs were coming into Game 1 with 10 days rest, and the Heat were coming into Game 1 off of a 7 game war with the Indiana Pacers. Rest wasn’t rust because the Spurs were able to pull away at the end of the game behind Tony Parker’s 21 points and another double-double from Mr. Consistent, Tim Duncan. The Heat did get a triple-double from LeBron (18 points, 18 rebounds, and 10 assists) but I still feel LeBron could have done more. Especially in the 4th quarter. Yes, credit to Spurs small forward Kawhi Leonard for his tough defense in denying LeBron the lane, but LeBron needed to be more Jordan and less Magic last night. I respect LeBron’s all around game but there are moments where he really needs to be the alpha dog, and just attack. Settling for jumpers and hoping for takeover performances from Wade and Bosh won’t get it done. In the NBA roundtable we do here on 7poundbag I did predict that the Heat would win the series in 7 games because I expect a lot of back and forth play from two strong teams. The Spurs may have the experience and coaching advantage but I felt that LeBron would seize the moment and cement the fact that this is his league. He may have done so on the stat sheet last night, but he’s going to have to take over and dominate if he wants to put a second ring on it.A-Roid

Moving on, I don’t know what to make out of this Biogenesis scandal in Major League Baseball. Once again the performance enhancement monster has reared it’s head in professional baseball. As long as the reward outweighs the risks, scandals like this will continue to occur. That may be why Major League Baseball is looking to crack down on the 20 athletes that were involved with “anti-aging guru” Tony Bosch and his Miami based operation. The key names involved in Bosch’s operation is admitted steroid user Alex Rodriguez, and Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers who was able to dodge a suspension on performance enhancement last season. Also, linked with this scandal is Melky Cabrera, now of the Toronto Blue Jays, who was suspended last season during his best campaign as a pro, but somehow was rewarded with a new 2 year deal from the Jays. These players were taking products offered to them by Bosch, products they knowingly or unknowingly took as performance enhancers. See, here’s the thing. Tony Bosch’s reputation isn’t sterling. This may have never come to light, if he didn’t need the money to make a court case of his go away. Bosch initially asked A-Rod for the money, and he refused. Upon this refusal, Bosch decided to cooperate with MLB. Now, the burden on proof is on Bosch to prove that these men were knowingly looking to enhance their performances, put up bigger numbers, and get paid. Of course all the players involved are going to deny PED use, and the union will back them up. Major League Baseball out of the 4 major sports has the most cooperative player union/ownership relationship. We’ll see if that remains the case once Commissioner Bud Selig takes his fight of trying to get longer suspensions of the players involved to the union. This Biogenesis thing may get real ugly and fast.Yasiel Puig

What I hope isn’t ugly in baseball is Dodgers rookie right fielder Yasiel Puig. The 22 year old defector from Cuba can play. Puig has only played 4 games at the Major League level but so far he as 7 hits, 3 homeruns, and 9 runs batted in. The Dodgers have spent a ton of money in trying to make the team relevant again nationally, and gotten off to a slow start, but they have won 3 of their last 4 games thanks to Yasiel Puig. What Puig has done is injected belief and national fan attention to the team and franchise. So far Puig has a game ending double play, and a grand slam that won the game late. The sampling might be small but there already has been whispers of a Fernando-mania event for the team. Fernando Valenzuela, the left hander from Mexico took the City and MLB by storm in the early 80’s and we may be witnessing Puig-mania. It’s early but keep an eye on #66 from the Los Angeles Dodgers. He could be a good one. Dallas Cowboys

What isn’t good the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones’ play things are having a crisis of leadership at the moment. They have a head coach in Jason Garrett, but what they don’t have is a clear idea of who is calling the plays. After, another collapse last season, the little dictator Jones stated that change will come to the Dallas Cowboys. I guess his idea of change is hiring a defensive coordinator in Monte Kiffin, who in his early 70s appears past his prime, and handing the play calling reigns to offensive line coach Bill Callahan, who’s never had a good reputation as a play caller. In quarterback Tony Romo, the Cowboys do return the 3rd ranked passing offense from last season, but they were 2nd to last in rushing. The Cowboys need more balance, but in having Callahan come out and say he is calling plays, while your head coach, and former offensive coordinator and NFL quarterback still hasn’t confirmed that is shocking. As a Jets fan I thought my team was dysfunctional. Well, it is dysfunctional but the Cowboys are giving Gang Green a run for it’s money. The head coach who’s been calling plays since 2007 isn’t sure he’s calling plays anymore, the offensive line coach who hasn’t called plays since he was a head coach at Nebraska says he is calling the plays, and the owner refuses to speculate. It’s looking like another long up and down season for the fans of the Dallas Cowboys.

So, that’s it. Thanks for reading, thanks for supporting and until next week: Peace!

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  1. While I usually agree with your perspective, I’m going on the record here to say, if the series goes 7 games, Tim Duncan will have one for the thumb. No way will the Spurs lose a game 7 at home. At least I hope not.

    The fans may as well get use to it; PED’s are here to stay. There’s just too much at stake. Baseball originally turned a blind eye to the problem, now they want to clean it up. It’s too late.

    As someone who’s always hated the Cowboys, let’s just say I enjoy them now more than ever. What a mess. It’s great.

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