NFL Roundtable: June 6th Edition

Welcome to the NFL Roundtable! This week we start making wildly inaccurate guesses on our teams looking toward boot camp, and I give a chance for EJ to make a reference!

1. What player that changed teams will make the biggest impact?mia-dolphins-helmet

EJ: I’ll go with Mike Wallace joining the Dolphins. The Dolphins needed a proven receiver and a deep threat and now they have that on Wallace. The pressure will now be on Ryan Tannehill to get the ball to him, but I really believe the Dolphins has what it takes to be the 2nd best team in the AFC East and Wallace will go a long way to make that happen.

David: I’m going to go with Jake Long. Sam Bradford has been a bit of a forgotten man, and Long is easily worth an extra half-second in the pocket. Its going to be interesting to see how that Ram offense moves on without Steven Jackson.

2. What player that changed teams will regret it?Reggie Bush kim

EJ: I’ll go with another wide receiver here: Greg Jennings joining the Minnesota Vikings. He’ll quickly find out that Christian Ponder (or Matt Cassel) is not Aaron Rodgers. He will also find out what happens when you go from a team that barely runs the ball in the Packers, to a team that will hand the ball off consistently to Adrian Peterson. Jennings numbers will most definitely go down in Minnesota.

David: Reggie Bush. Detroit is a running back away from being a contender, and have been for a bit now. Reggie is going to be looked at as the final piece to the puzzle, and he’s not done well when pro pressure has been on his shoulders. I’m trying to remember the last time we had a great RB in Detroit. Hows that line again?

3. What non-QB is in a make or break year?

EJ: Darrelle Revis. Yeah, I’m going there! Revis forced his way off of the Jets, and picked up a 6 year $96 million contract from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. However, none of the money is guaranteed. If Revis has a horrible season, what would stop the Bucs from letting him go? Not much. Also, Revis now has legit competition in the best CB in the league from Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks. Darrelle’s going to need a big season to justify the trade, contract, and keep his position as the best CB in the league.

David: Wes Welker. I think Danny is going to do better in NE than Wes did. But he’s going to a new system, looked to be the top target from a QB that can make me and EJ All-Pros, So If Wes throws up a 60 catch season, people are going to take everything he did and make it part of the greatness of Brady and point to his Miami days.

4. What retirement is going to affect the league the most?

EJ: Well in my blog series The Blog About Nothing, I did talk about the importance of Brian Urlacher to the Chicago Bears. I felt Urlacher was being disrespected by the Bears lowballing him on a new contract and I still feel that way. I’m not convinced that Brian’s retiring is something he is comfortable with. Nope. He was forced into it. So, now I have an NFL season with no Ray Lewis or Brian Urlacher? I ain’t happy about that.

David: Ray Lewis. He’s been a cornerstone of the Ravens D for a decade, and even though he’s not the best player on that defense (can make a case for not even top 3) but he’s the guy everyone looks to. The Ravens are going to miss Ed Reed, but they are REALLY going to hurt on gamedays without Lewis trying to defend that title.

5. We got 90+ days- what ain’t your teams problem?Jets

EJ: Well I am a Jets fan and they have a ton of problems. I’m struggling to find a bright spot in the mess that is the New York Jets. If I had to really pick a bright spot I’ll go with the defense. Yes, there is no Revis but if there is anything Rex does well it’s coach up his guys on defense. Losing defensive coordinator Mike Pettine to the Bills shouldn’t be a big loss. It’s looking like a horrible season for Gang Green but hopefully the defense won’t make the beatings look too

David: I have a QB. This is a QB driven league and with all love to Jake, for the first time since Kerry, I feel I got a guy that I can roll with for a decade. like every other team, we have MAJOR issues (I’m not sure Ron is the right guy, I hate the read-run offense, and we need to dump a RB) but in a league where Alex Smith, Vick and Josh Freeman are looking to be saviors, I got a guy that is getting better and isn’t hating on his team or his city (yet)

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