Movies Roundtable: June 5th Edition

Welcome to the Movies Roundtable! This week EJ and David go at it for 5 questions, looking at Robert Downey JR dumping Iron Man, Will Smith taking a dump on the movies, Intership and what Alien Race we want to be! Iron Man 3

1. Iron Man 3 is the 5th highest grossing movie in history, yet RD3 is not looking for part 4?

EJ: I’m going to admit that I have never seen a second of the Iron Man movies, so I might not be the best person to answer this question. However, I do understand the feeling of wanting to move on. Robert Downey is likely over playing Tony Stark but if the movie franchise is grossing so well, it’s inevitable that a 4th Iron Man will come out.

David: Makes no sense to me. Imagine RD3 before Iron Man. I understand you don’t want to be “typecast” but geez. He’s got a legendary part, that is going to last for a long long time, and making a TON. I can see not wanting to a part (Like Spock) if its a small role, that doesn’t pay the bills- but RD3 can pay for a small country with his salary for these 4 movies as Iron Man.

2. Will Smith and Sons new picture had the lowest opening weekend of the Fresh Prince’s summer career, is that a sign or a concern?Will Smith

EJ: A concern. I can’t even think of the last good Will Smith movie. Now that After Earth has bombed out at the box office, this might be the right time for Will to make a return to comedy. He’s a funny guy. Instead of these leading man roles in apocalyptic movies, returning to a buddy comedy, or even a romantic comedy might be the right idea. Something light and airy.

David: I’m looking for the last good movie he made that wasn’t a sequel. I enjoyed Legend and Hancock (2008/2007) I would caution the return to comedy (HITCH) .  What he needs to do is stay away from behind the Camera. The more he gets involved, the worse he is. He REALLY needs to keep his kids out of the movies.

3. Internship: Do you care?

EJ: Looks funny to me, but no I don’t care. It’s good to see Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson together again in a movie but I know if I watch Internship, I’m going to nitpick it to no end because it possibly couldn’t compare to Wedding Crashers.

David: As someone who tried to get a job with Google. Fuck this movie. The End.

4. With the bust that was “Olympus has fallen” do you think “White House Down” is going to do any better?

EJ: No. I have no plans on seeing it, and this is the problem I have with Hollywood. Do we really need 2 movies in the same year with the same concept?

David: Olympus was filmed here in Shreveport, so I got to see a bit of it and the I worked right down the road from the White House Set. I don’t think 2 movies with the same premise is going to hurt, but its not going to help. Witness Armageddon and “the other Meteor is going to smack the earth movie” (Yeah I know, Deep Impact)

5. If you were a member of an Alien Race from the Movies, what would you like to be? (Not Asgardian so you can be Thor- just an average “person”) Pick a max of 3.Superman 2

EJ: In a nod to Will Smith, I’d like to be a Bug. Bug, from the first Men In Black movie, loved sugar water and was nasty.

David: I’m going with a Krytonian. All I need to do is swipe a spaceship, get to a yellow sun, and I’m the MAN!!


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  1. I forgot all about Hitch to be honest. That was pretty horrible.

    I still think he’s a funny guy though. He might just need the right comedy.

  2. Sorry I missed out on this one, fellas. I checked multiple times but only ever saw one question present. Perhaps something was screwy with my browser..

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