Is Grant Hill a Hall-Of-Famer?

grant hill retires

Grant Hill recently retired.

I find it laughable the number of hits you see if you type in “Is Grant Hill a Hall of Famer?” In a world that Reggie Miller is a Hall of Famer, this is a joke, right? Of course Hill is a Hall of Famer, you could almost make a case for Grant LONG to make the Hall.

Let’s look at this seriously, there are FIVE to SIX players per YEAR that go in. Can you NAME SIX players from his draft class? Heck, name FOUR you’d want.

Still thinking?

ok- Here’s your top 3 players from that class.

Jason Kidd,
Grant Hill,
and Glenn Robinson.
If you are drafting fourth, and upset you didn’t get Big Dog, you get to pick between Juwan Howard, Eddie Jones or Wesley Person- I might take Jalen Rose myself. Hall of Famers Ya’ll!

Basketball is a joke for its Hall of Fame- it has 152 players, over 80 coaches. (Don’t get me started on the coaches)Grant hill

Let’s consider you have quite a few foreign and female players in there, and say 115 are male NBA players.

Grab a sheet of paper, and give me 115 players you would start a franchise with.

The Hall started in 1959, its 2013- so let’s say you started watching ball in 1986, Good halfway point.

Name me 58 Guys you would start a franchise with.

Let’s cut that in half again, for people like my brother, who is outraged that Shawn Kemp isn’t in (yet)- that’s 2000- give me 29 guys.

That’s only 1 per franchise. How’s that for an exercise- take every player that has been drafted since 2000, and you have to start a franchise with him.

How many teams would trade that “franchise Hall of Famer” for the top pick in 2014? And don’t give me Pippen, I’d start a franchise with Pippen, happily. You give me a choice between Pip and Howard? I’ll take Pippen.

But back to Grant Hill. Let me be upfront, since the Naismith counts the NCAA career as well as the NBA (what about my Junior high stats?) I got no problem with him going in, but we only count his NBA stats?

Well, let’s see. Regular readers know that’s I think All-Star games are a joke when it comes to determining greatness, but Grant Hill made 7 in 19 years- better than a THIRD of his years.

So let’s look at what REALLY matters.
One all-NBA First team selection.

One. ONE year he was considered to being one of the best 5 guys in the NBA- hey better than Reggie Miller.

Now he did make 4 second teams. Nothing wrong there- still better than Miller.
So in over a FOURTH of his career, he was considered one of the TEN best players in the NBA.
Anything else? Any scoring titles, championships, legendary run to the finals? Did he pull an Iverson and will the Bobcats to the Finals?
None. He does have as many rebounding titles as Shaq though. In fact during that quarter of his career, Hill never made it out of Round One. He only saw round two ONCE in 19 years.
Of course he also missed a ton of time- we can say he played 19 years- but he missed almost a THIRD of his games.

Bottom line- he averaged less than 17 points per game, but just over 6 boards and 4 assists but was a very good defender, (who by the way wrecked the Pistons and Magic, just to throw that out there).Grant hill 2

So is he a Hall of Famer?

Naismith? Absolutely.
In reality? Not even close.

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  1. After giving this a lot of thought, I absolutely agree with you. Grant Hill will be a Hall of Famer because he does have over 17,000 points was a former rookie of the year (shared the award with J. Kidd who also retired this year) and was a 7 time all star.
    However he did miss a ton of time, he did ruin the Magic franchise (We are in absolute agreement there) and if I have to list the top players in my era (born in ’81 so I’ll go mid 80’s to present) then Grant wouldn’t be anywhere in my top 15.

  2. Unquestionably Jason Kidd is the better player from his draft class. No argument could be made over Kidd and his credentials.

  3. Grant Hill IS a HOF player. I’ve heard some talk about him making it on his NCAA career alone, but I’ll give him on NBA as well.

    7 All-Star appearances. The man was unguardable as a Piston.

    After all, Chris Mullin(?) is in the HOF.

    Why not Grant Hill AND Shawn Kemp?

  4. The Shawn Kemp thing is a Joke. I know he got fat in Cleveland and conceived the Duggar family.

  5. Good job David. Thought provoking. Grant was a class guy, and a great teammate, but a Hall of Famer? I don’t think so. As a player he would certainly rank among the best of his era, but he missed too much time. To use your example, where would you be if you had built your franchise around him? It wasn’t his fault his feet wouldn’t hold up, but it wasn’t the franchise either. You can’t miss part of 6 years in the heart of your career, then return a shadow of yourself and be a Hall of Famer.

  6. That is a huge difference in the NBA and say the NFL.
    You can be half the player you were and change into a 3 point shooter and spot defender. You cannot be a NFL QB who no longer can throw over 20 yards or O-Lineman that dropped 75 pounds and tried to make a comeback.

  7. I was talking about the NBA only.

    Christian should also be in the Hall- and he was an ALL-STAR as well.

  8. Shawn Kemp was an electrifying player, without question. The lockout and the ridiculous signing of Jim McIlvane to a big money contract by the team was the undoing of a perfect marriage between Kemp and the Sonics. Kemp is partly to blame for the situation escalating to the point that a trade was made, but it wasn’t entirely his fault. He simply should have manned up and played through it despite getting paid less. He was locked in – what could the team do? Nothing.

    I wasn’t happy to see him go to CLE, that’s for sure.

    OT: Hill is on the cusp in my book. Based on character and class alone, he’s an undisputable pick; however, those aren’t the things that get you elected. We can all sit and ponder what could have been for Hill had he not had all those ankle issues.

  9. …and for the record, I rank Shawn Kemp as one of the best power forwards EVER.
    1. Tim Duncan (despite the fact he’s actually a center)
    2. Charles Barkley
    3. Karl Malone
    4. Shawn Kemp
    5. Kevin MaHale

    Kemp not being a Hall of Famer is a joke. Pure politics. I’d match Kemp against anyone else, and win every time.

  10. I’m kidding my brother bout Kemp.

    Would I rather have Kemp or Miller? No contest, Kemp belongs.

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