Now the UFC has Barnett, Now what?

No, Not Josh Samman

No, Not Josh Samman

The UFC has signed Josh Barnett, who, let’s be honest, would not be this big a deal if he was anything but a heavyweight- (think Nate Marquart- longtime win streak, looked bad his last fight) But he is a Heavyweight, and a very good one, plus he can talk up a crowd. I have to think that if Barnett had beaten Cormier, and JDS popped a quad, or even better, lost vs Hunt this weekend, we would be seeing CAIN vs Barnett on TUF with the title fight on Big Fox.

But Josh lost, and let’s be upfront about it, looked like poo doing it. The StrikeForce Heavyweight tourney was setup to give us Barnett vs Fedor or Overeem, as the brackets were setup in such a way so Barnett could beat the other 3 on his side in back to back to back fights, if need be, without too much trouble, no disrespect to the other fighters intended, but there is a reason they are not in the UFC playing cannon fodder to Brendan Schaub and Meathead.

Fedor lost, and Reem got pulled, and Bigfoot lost, badly, and some unknown got thrown in there, how the world at 255 would look if Chad Griggs had gotten that spot instead of DC (well- let’s see)

Griggs gets beaten by Bigfoot, who I’d take Barnett over Bigfoot, considering how lackluster his takedown defense is – or was at that time. Barnett would have rode him like Amanda Bynes for 25 minutes and won. DC would have come over to the UFC, beaten Meathead/Griggs/Travis Browne- maybe even on the undercard in San Jose to debut- then maybe another one, and faced Bigfoot or Roy Nelson on Fox/FX co-main.
Even though Roy is a BAD matchup for him, I’ll give him the win, and then he faces…
Barnett, coming off back to back losses to JDS (title shot) and Frank Mir, then rebounding in his third fight against Nog winning in a mild upset. Cormier would really dominate the fight this time around, maybe even getting a finish, and again looking to either avoid Cain (who just destroyed Mir in his first title defense) or drop to Jon Jones.
Barnett finishes his contract vs Schaub before retiring to tag with Rampage in Japan.
Back to today.

Ok, So we have Barnett, still a name and still a PRIDE legend, plus a former UFC champion to boot (let’s not ask what happened to his title reign, ok?)

So who do we give him too?

I’m down with Bigfoot Silva, in a Strikeforce Finale should have been, but the fight I really want is BIG NOG. No Pride fan wants that more than any heavyweight fight not involving FEDOR. Can we get there?

Sure, give Barnett Shawn Jordan, Todd Duffee and hope Nog wins, or if Nog loses, give Josh Stepie or Browne and hope for the best. I do know Barnett is facing Mir first, but lets be honest- no one cares about this fight. Why Mir gets to play Strikeforce gatekeeper, I have no idea.

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