Movies Roundtable: May 29th

Welcome to the MOVIES Roundtable! Each week our writers answer questions from you, the fans. This week in the booth we have Bill and David take on Aliens vs Yoda, Hangover III, sequels and Best Drivers in Movie history!

Movies Roundtable

1. Who you got? (see Pic)

Bill: Aliens. Yoda is bad ass and all, but I’m a Xenomorph kind of guy. These might not be the droids you’re looking for, but they’re certainly looking for you.

David: Think Not, Bet on Yoda I will.

2. Do you think it takes away from Star Trek that it had to be Kirk and not another to-be-Captain?

Bill: Nah. Though I’ve not yet seen the movie, I do know what happens and am none too pleased by it. However, there’s a certain amount of artistic license to be made in order to differentiate yet tie the stories/series together, so I’m not all surprised that is was Kirk. I’m less thrilled by the introduction of a key character in the franchise this early into a reboot.

David: I am not a fan of TOS, even though I love TNG and really enjoy DS9, so to me it does. You can’t do but so much because you KNOW what happens. When Carol shows up, you know she’s not going to hook up with Spock.

3.  Hangover III, do you care?

Bill: Nope. Have yet to see the first two, so I won’t be seeing this one either. I know they’re funny and all, but they just don’t have my interest.

David: The first one only worked for me because of Mike Tyson. The second one was just sad. The third one, from what I’ve read, is all about Chow (and his unit). No desire whatsoever.

4. Name me one movie, released from 2000-2005, that you are STUNNED didn’t get a sequel.

Bill: There are a few choices I could name, but I’m going for one that is bound to make some wonder: Team America: World Police, 2004. How can you not want to hearmore racially insensitive jabs, witness downright asshattery, and laugh as the hysterical puppetry? One thing is certain: If I don’t run into Trey Parker and Matt Stone in hell, something is seriously wrong.

David: Well Anchorman would be it, but its getting taken off the list. other than Brokeback 2, Electric boogaloo, I’m going with 40 year old Virgin. How did THAT not spawn a series?

5. Just for the Hell of it. You are putting together a team of 3 drivers to race at the Indy 500. You get to pick any driver (of anything) from any movie. No honorable mentions.

Bill: Jason Statham from “The Transporter” since he knows how to get out of a tight spot in a car or in the pits should someone get out of line as well as always seeming to come out on top; Will Farrell from “Talladega Nights” since he’s already got circle track experience and knows the secrets of the “Shake and Bake” (besides, who dares to cheer against Ricky Bobby?); finally, Sly Stallone from “Driven” seeing as his Champ car experience is just a step off the big leagues.

David: Love the picks. I’m going with another Stallone Movie- Frankenstein from Death Race 2000. Why? He can shift gears in less than a twentieth of a second!!  My number 2? I’m taking the Bandit, if there is a way to get it done, the Bandit can get it done.

Finally: HAN SOLO- he made the Kessel Run in less than twelve PARSECS!!! No, I am NOT taking Anni.

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