2013 Draft Review: Ravens and Texans

I love the Draft, it comes around my birthday, ESPN puts baseball back where it belongs, in segment 3, and it means the NFL year has started.

So lets go down the NFL Rosters and see how it went for each team.

I recently reposted my 2010 Draft Diary, for the first 3 rounds, so you can see how I did. I normally like to wait a bit before giving grades, just to kind of absorb what major changes have been made, and also to kind of combine what the team needs. Just because you need a QB, doesn’t mean you have to pick one in Round 1.

For Round 1 picks, I’m going to add in what I said during my Draft Diary.

Baltimore Ravensblt-ravens-helmet

1     32        Matt Elam      S     Florida

What I said:HARD HITTER. Fast and strong. Not scared of anything. Mel said that it was either Teo or Elam. What? They didn’t think of Geno Smith? I like the pick.

Now. Great in run support, I do wonder about him vs the pass at 5’10 and sometimes he does miss tackles. When he does tackle, he is EXCELLENT at it, gets his entire body behind it- and leaves his feet- so expect to see a shifty runner put him on SportsCenter once or twice. Could he step in and take Ed Reeds spot right now? Sure, would it have been better to see in ducttapped to Reed for a year? Absolutely.

2     56     Arthur Brown      LB     Kansas State

Washed out at Miami, then looked great at K-State. A little small, but does look bigger on the feild. I do wonder how he’s going to do long term in the NFL. Has great instincts though, moves side to side very quickly. Not a great pick, but a solid pick.

3     94     Brandon Williams      DT     Missouri Southern State

HUGE Dude. I do like this pick. I don’t know where he fits on the line, I think he could play DE on occasion, maybe even LB in some packages. Very easily could add 10 more pounds on his waist and legs and stay at Nose for the next decade. I don’t hold the small school against the inside guys like I do the skill players. Love the pick.

4     129     John Simon      DE     Ohio State

Stinks in coverage against quick guys. Other than that? Love the guy. Versatile, does not quit, can find the ball and is not scared of anything. They are going to love this guy, long as he doesn’t drop in coverage.

4     130     Kyle Juszczyk      FB     Harvard

Decent pass catcher, good blocker, smart and one more thing- REACH! Fourth round? I don’t see that. Did Leach and Pierce retire or get in a fight?

5     168     Ricky Wagner      OT     Wisconsin

Not the fastest guy, and not the quickest guy. Coming off a knee injury, that scares me a bit. I’m not going to complain here, he could be a keeper.

6     200     Kapron Lewis-Moore      DE     Notre Dame

LOVE this pick. He could have been a higher pick if not for knee issues, and might not even play this year. Needs to work on his balance or he’s going to have a dirtier jersey than the QBs he chasing. Keep this one away for next year.

6     203     Ryan Jensen      OT     CSU–Pueblo

Worth a flyer- but he’s only 6’3. Could get interesting. I have to think the Ravens saw something no one else did, but its only round 6.

7     238     Aaron Mellette      WR     Elon

Oh this one is good. Not the fastest guy, but will catch everything close to him. Hes the type of guy that can catch 50-60 balls and average 12 yards and 2 inches after the catch. Gonna be great on third down. I really wanted the Panthers to get this guy and duct tape him to Steve Smith for a year. Damn good pick.

7     247     Marc Anthony      CB     California

If only he could tackle. He’s a solid nickel, and a very good pick in round 7. Should have went earlier. The Ravens should be able to fix his tackling, and have a solid no3 corner.

Overall: I hate this draft for the NFL. I don’t have a huge complaint anywhere, I don’t really have a major gripe outside of Jusz, and thats only because they have people there already. I have fixable issues everywhere, and this one’s almost unfair. Damn I like this draft, and even though it may not pan out this year? Year 2 is going to be scary good. The major problem is finding roster spots for everyone- but if they cut Mellette, I got ideas.

Houston Texans    htn-texans-authentic

1     27 DeAndre Hopkins      WR     Clemson     ACC

What I said: Its taking King Roger longer to get to the podium than it does for the team to pick. Shefter is tossing out a trade for Teo. Minny wanting to give up a 2/3/4 for the Pats pick, I’d take that deal.  I like Hopkins, I saw him every year vs UNC- I’m just not sure he’s better than Patterson long term.

What I think now: I don’t get it. Yes they lost 42-14 to the Pats. But that was due more to no one covering TE Hernandez (2TDs) Posey looked good before going down to injury, I just wonder why they didn’t go for a more pressing need.

2     57     D. J. Swearinger      S     South Carolina

HUGE HUGE Reach. Why is he at S? He can’t play Corner, and he can’t cover good people 1 on 1 for 6 seconds, and does tend to head hunt. I’m personally ok with head-hunting, but not the ACTUAL HEAD. He does use his hands a TON in coverage, and thats gonna get 1st downs until he breaks the habit. I’m not saying he’s undraftable, just horrid in round 2.

3     89     Brennan Williams      OT     North Carolina

Yes I know I have UNC bias. But I can live with this pick, a tad early, but he’s 6-7. I think he sits until we see how the season is going, then either hits the feild or becomes a starter. I think he’s a keeper.

3     95     Sam Montgomery      DE     LSU

Love the pick. He needs to work his timing down, he does tend to get beat in that first heartbeat, but has the speed to keep up. I do think he’s going to be a pass-rush specialist, but can improve, we saw that at LSU. Could really grow into something.

4     124     Trevardo Williams      DE     Connecticut

Opposite of Montgomery. Nice burst, better side to side than flat speed. I don’t think he’s a three-down guy, but could be another very good pass-rusher on third down.

6     176     David Quessenberry      OT     San Jose State

Played TE. He ran a friggen 5.0 40, can we move him back? Very good blocker, still needs to work on being helpful in the passing game.

6     195     Alan Bonner      WR     Jacksonville State

Reach pick, but he’s fast. But with a weapon like Daniels, a third rounder last year a number 1 this year and a decent number 2 already in the fold. Why?

6     198     Chris Jones      DT     Bowling Green

Camp fodder. Pretty good moter, and I could see him sticking, but I’m not sure he’s going to last in the NFL level.

6     201     Ryan Griffin      TE     Connecticut

Good receiver, works hard as a blocker, I guess this means we won’t be seeing Quessenberry at TE.

Overall. Damn I hate this draft. I got Owen Daniels at TE. I need HELP VS THE PASS. I get 2 TE picks, a WR I don’t need, a FS I don’t really want, and 2 situational pass rushers. The Texans developed Graham into a quality second TE. This was a HORRID draft. I can live with this draft on its merits, but when I look at what I have already on the Texans, DAMN!

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